The beam of the building collapsed in the classroom, 5 students were injured

5 students were injured in the collapse of the floor of the fifth class classroom of the 3rd East Saturia Government Primary School in Rajapur, Jhalkathi. The incident happened on Sunday (July 7) during classes around 11:15.

Junaid Azam, son of Faisal Azam, son of fifth grade, Liton Khan, son of Abu Bakar Khan, Roni Howladar, son of Helal, Abdullah, son of Manik Akan and Tamim, son of Alamgir Hossain were injured in this incident. The injured were treated locally.

After this incident, about 143 students of that school announced class boycott. Since the incident, there has been anger and panic among teachers, students and parents.

Injured students Junayed, Tarim and Liton said that the poles were already collapsing more or less. During the class on Sunday, suddenly many places including VIM collapsed and there was a loud noise. 5 students were injured in the head and different parts of the body.

This spread fear among the students and started running around in panic. The students also said that they will not hold classes in the dangerous building until the new building is constructed.

Guardians Hanif, Kabir and Sultan said, for a long time, the Poles used to fall. But no one has a headache. In this way, suddenly there is no learning environment in that school due to the collapse of Vim. Allah has protected the young children from major accidents. A major loss of life could have happened today. Will not send children to school until new school building is constructed.

No. 3 East Saturia Government Primary School Principal Md. Siddiqur Rahman said that the building of the school was constructed in 2004 under PDTU project. After 2-3 years, I informed the concerned officials after seeing the collapse of the plasters in different places. They would come and visit sometimes, but I continued the class because it was not declared dangerous.

He said, the building has now become very dangerous. Students escaped major mishap but at least 5 students were injured. There is no class environment in this school. There is panic among the students. He demanded the construction of the building quickly.

Rajapur Upazila Primary Education Officer. Akhter Hossain said, after hearing about the matter, I saw it in the video call, but did not go there. The headmaster has been asked to make an application and lock the room so that no student can enter there. After inspection by Upazila Engineer, hazard will be declared and higher authority will be informed for further action.

Md. Atiqur Rahman/FA/MS