The benefits of kissing a loved one

As an expression of love, many people draw a kiss on the cheek of their loved one. In this kiss, the commitment of faith takes more place than the physical need. Kissing feels completely different to people who are in a new relationship. Today is International Kissing Day or International Kissing Day.

History of International Kissing Day

According to historical data, kissing was first practiced in Europe. The whole world thanked the Romans for this. They described kissing in three forms – osculum (friendly kiss on the cheek), basium (loving kiss on the lips), and savium (kiss on the mouth). In Roman society, when, where and how to kiss someone was an important indicator of social status.

There are different types of kisses too. Such as French kiss, neck kiss, lizard kiss, butterfly kiss, forehead kiss etc. No matter what type of kiss you prefer, on International Kissing Day on July 6, you can show your loved ones a kiss to express your love.

Health Benefits of Kissing

You will be surprised to know that kissing is also beneficial for health. Kissing solves many physical problems. British scientists claimed this a long time ago.

Britain’s ‘Neuroscience and Cognitive Science’ scientists claim, kissing or kissing can instantly solve many problems like high blood pressure, depression.

Studies show that kissing for half an hour burns 68 calories. Even a group of American researchers claim that if the kiss is more intense, if the breathing is very fast, it can burn up to 90 calories.

According to scientists at the University of Bath in Britain, kissing increases endorphin hormones in the body, which help reduce menstrual pain. Apart from this, kissing has several health benefits-

Reduces body pain

Britain’s ‘Neuroscience and Cognitive Science’ scientists claim that after kissing, endorphin hormones are secreted in the brain, which help reduce body pain. Even severe pain like migraine can be eased by kissing.

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Less anxiety

During kissing, the release of dopamine and serotonin hormones increases in the human brain. As a result, depression and anxiety decrease quickly.

The heart is good

According to scientists at the University of Bath in Britain, kissing helps keep our heart healthy. According to experts, kissing helps to control several problems like high blood pressure and depression.

Reduces the incidence of allergies

According to experts, IgE antibodies decrease during kissing. Not only that, the secretion of histerin hormone also decreases. As a result, the outbreak of allergies is avoided.

The facial muscles are activated

34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles are activated during kissing. Due to this, the risk of suffering from problems like facial palsy, muscular dystonia is greatly reduced.

Oral health is also good

Kissing is also beneficial for good oral health. Because a lot of saliva is secreted in the mouth during kissing. At the same time, various stimuli are secreted inside the mouth.

Lungs are fine

Kissing strengthens the lungs. Regular kissing also gets rid of various diseases related to lungs.

Source: Zee News / Health Tips / National Today