The benefits of the world’s first CNG bike

Bajaj has launched the world’s first CNG powered bike. The world’s popular bike company has brought a CNG bike called Freedom 125. This two wheeler will be available with special bi-fuel technology. Which is not in any bike in the world so far. The bike will have two petrol tanks and two CNG cylinders.

The teaser released by Bajaj on social media shows a switch button. It is the button that allows the driver to switch between petrol and CNG. As it will have CNG system and the price of CNG in the market is lower than that of petrol, the cost will be reduced for the drivers.

Mileage is an important factor for bike riders in daily commuting. If it is found well then a lot of cost is saved. Bajaj CNG bike not only has CNG but also petrol. The name of the new bike has already been listed on the company’s website.

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This bike offers freedom from high fuel consumption. Riders will have the freedom to choose between Petrol+CNG. Besides, the bike is believed to be of 125 cc engine. Because Freedom 125 is written next to the name.

However, CNG is expected to get more mileage than petrol. So far CNG four wheelers and three wheelers have been seen on the roads. Now two wheels are going to run. Bajaj has not revealed the design, features, seats, headlights of the bike yet. That there won’t be too many hi-fi features is much to be expected.

Bajaj is going to prove that the bike can be made on CNG as an alternative fuel to petrol. Its price and other features will be known soon. This bike will be launched in India today. The company claims that this bike will be ahead among the bikes that give the highest mileage in India.

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Source: News18