The boat is about to board the ferry at Bhola

The approach road and pontoon ram of Bhola’s Elisha ferry wharf have been submerged in the high tidal waters of the Meghna. As the low and high water ghats of Elisha Ghat have sunk, the passengers are getting on and off the ferry by boat and wet. In addition, ferry transportation is closed twice daily for 3/4 hours. As a result, passengers and transport workers traveling on this route have suffered greatly.

On Sunday (July 7), it can be seen on the ground that the approach roads and pontoons of the Elisher low and high water ghats were submerged at least twice a day by the Meghna high tide. Five ferries ply daily on the Bhola-Laxmipur route through Elisha Ferry Ghat. Thousands of passengers and various types of transport move in it daily. As a result, thousands of passengers and transport workers traveling on this route have suffered.

The boat is about to board the ferry at Bhola

Ordinary passengers Abdul Rahim and Sarmin Akhter said that they will go to Chittagong via Laxmipur by ferry from Ilisha Ghat. But when I came to the ghat, I saw that both the ghats had sunk in the high tide. So I was forced to board the ferry by boat.

Md. Another passenger named Tanzil said, I came to Elisha Ghat with a motorcycle to go to Chittagong. I boarded the Begum Sufia Kamal Ferry with a motorcycle in the tidal water. The clothes of the body are completely wet.

Truck driver. Mainuddin, Md. Farooq and Md. Mizan said, loaded the goods and came to Chittagong at Elisha Ferry Ghat in the morning. But I could not get on the ferry because of the pressure of traffic. Begum Sufia Kamal will board the ferry around 3 pm. But the tidal waters submerged the ferry’s approach road and ramp. As a result, I was waiting for the low tide without being able to get on the ferry. I boarded the ferry when the water subsided. That too with a lot of risk.

They also said that transport owners and owners of various products have to listen to the complaints of not being able to reach the destination on time. Although this problem has been going on for a long time at Elisha Ferry Ghat, there is no solution yet. We demand a speedy solution to this.

The boat is about to board the ferry at Bhola

Second class master of Begum Sufia Kamal Ferry. Ashadullah said, due to the high tide, the two ghats of Ilisha have sunk, the transport has to wait for hours at the ghat to load and unload. Passengers cannot reach their destination on time.

BIDBUTC Bhola Manager (Marine) Md. Al Amin said that the authorities have been informed many times to repair the approach road.

BIDBUTA Bhola Naval Port Assistant Director Md. Shahidul Islam said – due to the tide, this problem is being faced. It will no longer be there when the tide stops. Besides, Elisha Ghat will be modernized through a project.

Jewel Saha Vikas/AH/GKS