The Brazil captain asked the fans to be patient for the trophy

Brazil last won the Copa America in 2019. The World Cup was won in 2002. Brazil has not won a major trophy for a long time. The Selecao had to return empty-handed from this year’s Copa America. Among them was the disappointment of not getting Neymar Jr. Coach Darival has just started working with the young team. So the Brazilian captain Danilo said to be patient and trust this team.

Danilo, who turned 33 in July, still doesn’t know if he will be able to play in the next tournament. Therefore, he calls for trust in this party.

“We couldn’t take advantage of playing one less player,” Danilo said. We should have been more proactive in two opportunities. We fought with everything we had. performing well Then the penalty. Almost everyone worked on penalties too. But this young team (Uruguay) has shown their skills.’

Andric, Savinho performed well in the tournament. In this regard, Danilo said, ‘I hope that the supporters will be patient. It is true that Brazil has not won trophies for a long time. But trust should be placed in this young team. I’m not talking about me. I don’t know how long I can play for the national team. Everyone should trust these talented players. Endrik, Savinho needs support now.’

Danilo also stands next to Marquinhos and Alison Baker, two experienced footballers of the team. Danilo was happy to fight tooth and nail with Uruguay.

The Brazil captain said, ‘Sometimes it’s true that we need to win something; This request is not unreasonable. But today we showed, we are ready. The result was not in our favor. Because Uruguay has been playing great throughout the tournament before today. They have scored 9 points as well as many goals. We played an almost equal match with them today. Both teams had a chance to win.’