The Brazil coach found a positive side in the loss

Brazil lost 4-2 in a tiebreaker to Uruguay in the quarter-finals. The Seleção’s defeat left the fans heartbroken. Brazil’s coach Darival also suffered like everyone else.

After taking charge of Brazil, Darival got the chance to stand in the dugout in only 8 matches. Within this, the farewell bell has rung for his disciples from tournaments like the Copa. Despite such a loss, Darival found positive aspects in the team’s performance.

In the press conference after the match loss, the coach said, ‘After losing such a match, everything you have achieved so far will disappear in an instant. This is normal. It is also natural that many things happen in such tournaments. We could not play the match with that kind of skill. But I can’t say that there was no team focus or fighting spirit in any of the matches. This team is a very brave team. We have more positives than negatives.’

Darival’s disciples could not even try hard to break the solid defense of Uruguay. The coach said, ‘The opponent knew how to mark and play. We open everything up. Two of us were dribbling from both directions. We try to get the ball inside, pass. But we didn’t have a good day in terms of creating chances.’