The campaign to evict illegal shops in the building’s car parking is after Eid

“The shops built illegally in the parking lot of the building must be stopped. Parking is shown in many buildings during design approval from Rajuk. Cars must be parked in these parking lots. It can be seen that shops have been rented out in the parking lot of many buildings. Then the cars are parked on the road. Shops shall not be allowed illegally in car parking spaces. We will start the campaign to stop them with Rajuk. The campaign will start after Eid.

He said these things in his speech as the chief guest at the inauguration of the tree plantation program on the occasion of World Environment Day at Gulshan-Bada Link Road on Wednesday (June 5) at 11:30 am.

On reaching the venue, DNCC Mayor found illegal sewage connection in Gulshan Lake. At that time, when he immediately ordered to stop the illegal connection through the banana tree, the connection was closed through the banana tree.

Mayor Atiqul Islam said, ‘Almost all the buildings in the city are equipped with air conditioners and generators. Everyone is spending thousands of rupees to install AC to cool the house but no one is thinking about onsite sewage management. Water and air are being polluted by indiscriminately connecting sewage to city canals and drains. They must be stopped. We will take strict measures to stop these illegal connections. Last year we conducted a survey in Gulshan and Baridhara. Most of the houses do not have sewage system. Only 5 percent of the houses got compliance. Most of the houses have sewage connection through drains, canals. I gave banana trees in many buildings to stop illegal connections. We will start the campaign again this year.’

DNCC Mayor said, ‘This city has to be loved. You should be aware that the city roads, canals, drains are not dirty. The tree in front of the house should be watched. We see that everyone sweeps properly when the shop starts in the morning. But with a broom throws the dirt on the road. It’s not right. I would request that every shop should keep a dustbin in front of it. Keep the streets and sidewalks in front of shops and markets clean.

Urging the people to do roof gardens, the mayor said, ‘There is insufficient space to plant trees in the city, so I am calling everyone to do roof gardens. The ministry has already approved the 10 percent holding tax exemption for rooftop gardens. Policies are being formulated. If the policy is formulated, the holding tax will be exempted.’

The campaign to evict illegal shops in the building's car parking is after Eid

DNCC Mayor also said, ‘We are surprised by the indiscriminate dumping of various types of garbage into canals and drains. Abandoned products recovered from different canals of DNCC area include coatings, mattresses, sofas, luggage, cots, cables, tires, commodes, flower tubs, rickshaw parts, tables, chairs, basins, bags, various plastic containers and other products. Also got the bathtub from Gulshan Lake. There is nothing that cannot be found in canals. I organized this to give a message to everyone.’

After the speech DNCC Mayor inaugurated the program by planting a tree on Gulshan-Bada Link Road. A total of 5,000 trees will be planted in Gulshan area under this tree plantation program under the joint initiative of DNCC, Gulshan Society and City Bank.

Major Samsuddin Ahmad Chowdhury (Retd.), member of Capital Development Authority (Rajuk), Gulshan Society President Barrister Omar Sadat, City Bank Chairman Aziz Al Qaiser, Ward No. 19 Councilor Md. Mofizur Rahman, woman councilor of reserved seats deleted. Hazera Khatun and Amena Begum.