The chess board was seized yesterday from Zobair, a college student

Zobair Hasan Rafit (18), a class 11 student of science department of Dhaka Commerce College in Mirpur of the capital, had a reputation as a good student. Jobair was the favorite of the teachers. That is why he was appointed as the class captain. But it is too late for him to fulfill this duty. Chowdhury Rajin Iqbal became the eyesore of classmate Chowdhury Rajin Iqbal while performing his duties. He was attacked by Rajin for going to maintain order in the class.’

Police said the college principal called Rajin and his father to the school and disciplined them. They got more angry with this incident and planned to kill Zobair. After acting as a good friend with Zobair for about a month, Zobair was called home with the help of his father and was hacked to death.

Last Saturday evening, the police recovered Jobair’s body from Rajin’s house on the third floor of the government housing building next to Commerce College. Rajin’s father’s name is Iqbal Ahmed Chowdhury. He is a lawyer by profession. Rajin’s mother is a teacher in a college outside Dhaka.

RAB-4 has arrested Chowdhury Rajin Iqbal (18), the main accused in the murder of Zobair Hasan Rafit, his classmate.

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    College student hacked to death at classmate’s house in Mirpur

RAB-4 assistant director ASP Ziaur Rahman Chowdhury confirmed the arrest of Rajin on Monday (July 8) afternoon.

He said that the body of college student Zobair Hasan Rafit was found in a rented house on the third floor of a four-storey building adjacent to Dhaka Commerce College under Shah Ali police station in the capital on July 6. The incident created a sensation in the area. Following this, a team of RAB-4 and RAB-9 conducted a raid in Madhavpur area of ​​Habiganj and Chowdhury Rajin Iqbal (18) was arrested.

After preliminary interrogation of the arrested Chowdhury Rajin Iqbal, he said in the details of the incident that the deceased Zobair and the arrested Rajin are first year students of science department of Dhaka Commerce College. The college teacher seized a chess board from Rajin in the second week of June last. In view of which he applied for admission to the chess board by referring regular students to the college advisor. But being the class captain of Jobair’s class, there was an argument between them at one point over mentioning regular students in the application.

Later the matter was settled through the mediation of the college teachers and the parents were informed and warned about the matter. Rajin was enraged by this incident and started planning to kill Zobair. According to the previous plan, last July 6 afternoon, Rajin called Zobair to his rented house near Commerce College.

ASP Ziaur Rahman also said that when Jobair reached there in the afternoon of the incident, there was a dispute between them again regarding the previous issue. At one point, Zobair’s death was confirmed by being cut with a sharp stick. When Rajin informed his father about the murder, he quickly reached the spot and fled from the spot before the local people came to know about it.

Arrested Rajin’s father fled to Habiganj with his son in a micro-home, left him at a close relative’s house and hid himself elsewhere.

This RAB official also said that the arrest operation of those involved in this murder will continue.