The child was stripped and turned around, the key was burned and the body was slashed

An 11-year-old child was brutally tortured for allegedly stealing a mobile phone in Munshiganj’s Srinagar. The child is now behaving abnormally after the torture. “Don’t kill” is being shouted whenever someone goes forward.

The victim child is the son of carpenter Sagar Howladar, a tenant of Iman Ali’s house in Deulbhog Sabujhati area. He has been sent to Mitford Hospital in Dhaka for treatment.

In this incident, on Tuesday (June 25), the child’s father, Sagar Howladar, filed a case with the Srinagar police station, naming six people and accusing some unknown persons as the plaintiff. Later, the police arrested a person named Yashin Arafat (24) in a raid.

According to the police and local sources, Yashin Arafat, the son of Mustafa Zaman of the same area, along with his friends Riyad, Shahadat, Shihab, took the child from the house around 9:30 am on Monday (June 24) on the charge of stealing a mobile phone. They beat him with tree branches and bamboo sticks. When the child’s parents went to rescue the boy after getting the news, they were mistreated and thrown out of the house. Later they stripped the child and took him to different places to recover the mobile phone.

At one point, he hit the fingers with pressure. Later, he burnt the key in the gaslight and cut it red on different parts of his body. Seeing this scene, the child’s parents went to Yashin’s house several times to rescue him. Still, their minds did not melt. At around 8pm, the child’s father Sagar Hawladar went to Yashin’s house to fetch his son but did not find his child there.

Locals rescued the child from Sabujhati road around 9 pm and informed his parents. Later the parents rushed to Srinagar Upazila Health Complex with their son. He was referred to Mitford Hospital in Dhaka as his condition was serious.

In this regard, Srinagar Upazila Social Service Officer Mahfuza Parveen Chowdhury said, “The victim of inhuman torture is now behaving abnormally. “Don’t hit me again” shouting “Don’t hit me” whenever someone comes near. The upazila social service office has taken responsibility for the boy’s necessary treatment.”

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Srinagar Police Station Abdullah Al Tayabir said, the manner in which the child was tortured was inhumane. The main accused has been arrested. Efforts are on to arrest the rest.

Arafat Raihan Saqib/SR/ASM