The children buried their mother in the homestead as they did not have their own land

They do not have their own land without Vita. After his father died, he was buried in his uncle’s plot. The family had to listen to many harsh words about this. That is why the old mother told the boys that if he died, he should be buried in his own land. He died on Tuesday (July 2) and was buried by his sons inside the residence.

Such an incident happened at the house of Sardar of Azimuddin village of Ward No. 1 of South Joynagar Union of Daulatkhan Upazila of Bhola.

The eldest son of the deceased Zabeda Khatun claimed that the uncle’s family members taunted him a lot about his father’s grave being placed on his cousin’s land. So he was forced to put his mother’s grave in the balcony of the residence.

The children buried their mother in the homestead as they did not have their own land

Rafizal Islam, the elder son of deceased Jabeda Khatun, said that they are two brothers and two sisters. The sisters married while their father was still alive. He drives a rickshaw in Dhaka. Younger brother Azizal Islam is sick and works as a day laborer. They have no land in that house except the residence. When their father Abdul Rashid died a few years ago, they buried him in his uncle’s land. Later, cousins ​​and sisters-in-law used to taunt about it. After his mother heard the matter, after his death, he requested the boys not to bury him in any land other than his own.

Jabeda Khatun died of old age disease on Tuesday around 6:30 pm. But the uncles and cousins ​​did not allow them to be buried in the land. He did not even come to see the body. Because of this, the sons buried their mother on the balcony of the residence on Wednesday (July 3) morning.

Khorshed Alam, son-in-law of deceased Zabeda Khatun, complained that his brother’s children do not listen to him. So they did such a crime.

The children buried their mother in the homestead as they did not have their own land

Local Abu Jafar, Sadek Mia, Md. Harun and Md. Green said, Md. Khorshed Alam’s son Rafiqul Islam is building a kitchen next to Rafizal’s residence. There is a conflict between the two families over the roof of that house being attached to their house. Due to the death of Rafizal’s mother Zabeda Khatun, uncle Khorshed Alam and his sons did not visit the family. He didn’t even talk about burying them in the land. Since Rafizal and his brother have no land except the homestead, they buried Zabeda Khatun on the balcony of the homestead.

They also said that after this incident, the locals stood by the poor children of Jabeda Khatun. They have taken the initiative to pave the grave permanently by collecting subscription.

Satya Ranjan Khaskel, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Daulatkhan Police Station, expressed regret after hearing the incident. He said, if the family wants cooperation, the police will help them in every way.

Jewel Saha Vikas/SR/ASM