The classrooms were destroyed by the storm, the lessons were held in the balcony of the club

The house of Hatghata Private Primary School, established two centuries ago in Madhukhali, Faridpur, collapsed in the storm, disrupting teaching. The teachers and students have suffered greatly. Without finding a way, sometimes the teaching program is going on in the tree house and sometimes in the balcony of a nearby club. All in all, there is uncertainty about the future of the school.

It has been found that in Hatghata village of Raipur Union of upazila in 2002, local resident Md. Under the initiative of Mustafa Kamal, he established a primary school in his own place. For almost 2 years, the teaching program was going on in a tin house with 4 rooms. In the meantime, if the house is dilapidated, it is also renovated with private financing. But a few days ago, the house collapsed due to Cyclone Rimal. Now there is no condition to enter the teaching or distant language in the house.

On the surface, it can be seen that the school house is totally damaged due to the impact of Cyclone Rimal. School papers are kept in teacher’s house. Teaching activities are conducted under trees, under the open sky. If it rains, the lessons are held in the verandah of the Bangabandhu Memorial Sangsad located next to the school. There is no seating arrangement for teachers. Places are not reserved for students. Apart from this, the teachers and students often have to be victims of eye-rolling by the members of the club.

Rahima Khatun, a student of the school, said, “Our school house is broken, we have to sit on the tree and study on the balcony of a nearby club.” There is no bathroom, no tubewell. We have to read through a lot of problems.

Rukhsana Parveen, the assistant head teacher of the school, told Jago News that she was hired in 2007 and has been teaching students without salary. The school was left out of nationalization in 2013. At present the school has 4 teachers and more than hundred students. The curriculum is going on as per the government norms of primary.

The classrooms were destroyed by the storm, the lessons were held in the balcony of the club

He also said that although there is a 4-chala tin house, it is currently not in condition to hold classes. It has been destroyed by storm. Sometimes under the open sky, sometimes under the trees and sometimes on the balcony of a nearby club, teaching activities are going on. Our situation is very sad. It is a humble request to the government to quickly repair the house and provide teaching facilities to the students as well as take measures to register the school.

In this regard, the founder of the school. Mustafa Kamal told Jago News that the school was established on its own initiative in order to spread the light of education in backward areas. Trying to renovate the school. It would be good to get public and private help and cooperation. We are making every effort to sustain the school considering the teachers and students. The number of students is decreasing day by day due to dilapidated schools. In such a situation, there is uncertainty about the future of the school.

Upazila primary education officer. Sirajul Islam said that where there is education, there are government instructions to distribute books. Books are provided in the school according to demand. As the school is not registered, there is nothing more to do.

In this regard, Madhukhali Upazila Chairman and Education Committee President Muhammad Muraduzzaman told Jago News that since I am an elected public representative and the Education Committee President, I will take necessary measures to inquire about the school.

Madukhali Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Mamnoon Ahmed Anik said the school is not registered. Still, efforts will be made to find out how much help can be provided at the government level to renovate the school building.