The death toll in Gaza exceeded 38,000

The death toll from Israel’s continued bombing of Gaza has reached 38,000. 87 thousand 445 people were injured. Most of the dead were women and children.

Last October 7, the Palestinian independence organization Hamas entered Israel and attacked. In response, the occupying forces are carrying out ground operations in addition to bombing Gaza.

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  • Hezbollah launched hundreds of rocket attacks on Israel
  • 9 out of 10 people in Gaza are homeless

Meanwhile, the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah has attacked southern Israel with 200 rockets and drones. The target of the attack was an Israeli military installation. Earlier, Israel killed a Hezbollah commander in an attack.

On the other hand, nine out of every 10 people in the Gaza Strip have been displaced at least once since the war between Israel and Hamas began. The United Nations Human Rights Organization reported this information on Wednesday.

About 1.9 million people are believed to have been displaced in Gaza, said Andrea Di Domenico, head of the UN’s OCHA agency for the Palestinian territories.

“We estimate that nine out of every 10 people in the Gaza Strip have been internally displaced at least once,” he said. For some it has even happened more often.

Source: Al-Jazeera