The demonstration-meeting of the DU Employee Unity Council is going on

The officials and employees of Dhaka University have been on a complete strike for more than a week demanding the cancellation of the universal pension scheme. This program is being conducted under the banner of ‘Dhaka University Officer-Workers Unity Parishad’, an alliance of 4 organizations of university officials and employees.

Since Monday (July 8) morning, the leaders and activists of the Parishad did not join the normal activities as part of the movement. Today is the sixth day of the continuous strike with a break of two days. They gathered in front of the administrative building of the university from 10 am to take part in the strike and protest march.

After that, the leaders and workers of the organization demonstrated there for 1 hour. Then at 11 o’clock they took a protest march and circled the various roads of the campus. At that time, they said ‘Workers of the world – unite and fight’, ‘No one will eat, no one will eat – that will not happen’, ‘Two policies in one country will not be allowed’, ‘I have given blood – I will give more blood’, Thorne’s slogans were ‘Fight Fight Fight-Fight and Live’, ‘Prayya Scheme-Must Abolish’.

The demonstration-meeting of the DU Employee Unity Council is going on

The leaders of Oikya Parishad said in the protest rally, until our demands are implemented. We will not go back home. Many people say that in many offices, officials and employees are being forcibly detained. We strongly condemn this matter. I would like to say to the concerned, today we have come here with the urge of the stomach. You also have a responsibility, stand united in demanding the scrapping of this assurance scheme.

They also said that our movement is a movement based on the urge of the stomach. This verification scheme will not exempt you either. So come to our movement, stand united. Attend our meetings and demonstrations. Are you a member of the university family? Are you not with the university family? If so, why are you still not coming to the movement? We want to tell the government that if our demands are not met, we will not return to work.