The failure of the cricketers is being covered by blaming the umpire

At that time, the smell of victory was coming to the nose of the cricketers of Bangladesh. Team Bangladesh was then 27 runs away from victory. 24 remaining balls. Tigers have 6 wickets. Set batter Mahmudullah Riyad and Tawhid Hriday at the crease.

At that time, Protea fast bowler Kagiso Rabada’s in-swing type delivery flick shot could not be brought into bat by Riyad. The ball eluded his bat and hit the pad. In the face of the Proteas’ appeal, the umpire signaled the wicket leg before.

Riyad appealed for a quick review claiming that the ball would have missed the legstamp. Application accepted. TV replays clearly showed that the ball was going outside the legstamps. Very naturally speaking to the third umpire, Australian Sam Nogaski announced not out after changing the decision.

This is not the end. There are more incidents. As the umpire gave out first, the ball was legally dead and the ball went over the boundary, but Bangladesh did not get 4 runs for the boundary from the leg-by. If the umpire did not signal out, 4 runs would have been added to the scoreboard of Bangladesh due to the ball going beyond the boundary.

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It is seen that Bangladesh would not have lost by 4 runs. Coincidentally, that 4-run loss made Aussie umpire Sam Nogasky’s decision to dismiss the innings too big. Bangladeshi fans and supporters are critical of the umpire. Fourteen of the umpires are being rescued through social media.

The matter is getting very important as TV commentators Walker Yunus, Harsha Voglara have joined Bangladesh fans and at the moment Riyad has a boundary on the pad but it has turned into a ‘dead ball’ due to the umpire’s wrong decision of out, and all the blame has fallen on the umpire. That being said, this law needs to be changed.

It is true that, to the naked eye, the ball seemed to go beyond the legstamp, but the umpire gave it out. In ICC playing conditions, the rule of not adding any runs to the score of the batting team is also upheld. So there is really nothing to do.

Bangladesh has nothing to do but blame the umpire’s mistake as ‘human error’. According to ICC rules, boundaries or 1, 2 or 3 runs will not be added in this situation. It means no runs. Because what happened happened within the rules.

Not that any decision went against Bangladesh by violating the rules. So the Tigers have nothing to do but think of their misfortune.

But a section of Bangladeshi fans are furious. All the responsibility of losing to South Africa by 4 runs falls on the umpire. But not being able to score just 114 runs is a failure and Tawhid Hriday and Mahmudullah Riyad, two set batsmen, missed the golden opportunity, scoring 11 runs in the last over and getting 3 out.

A pair of full-touch deliveries were caught by veteran Riyad and Taskin near the opposite boundary; Some have forgotten that.

This is the problem of Bangladesh cricket. It has become the brain of Bangladeshis to analyze cricket with their mind and heart without getting emotional and not looking at cricket from a cricketing point of view.

If the umpire did not give Riyad out, it would have been four runs; But since he was dismissed and as per ICC rules, the run does not count even if not dismissed on review, it is not new that it was applied for the first time on Monday, June 10. And Bangladesh is the victim of that rule. Such incidents happened frequently. Since it is ICC Playing Conditions approved, no one raves about it anymore. It is considered bad luck.

And some are vocal in demanding such a change in the law. Even if it was done, it would be accepted; But Bangladesh could not do without the mistake of the umpire; There have been setbacks in raising such a claim. By that, the failure of the Bangladesh batters to finish the match is covered.

The discussion and review about the place where Bangladesh lost the match is getting less and less. All eyes on the umpire. As a result, young Tawhid Hriday could not finish the match and win the team and return to the dressing room, even on Monday.

Earlier, he had led the team far ahead and came back out at one stage, that means he could not win the match even if he fought as a brave warrior in crisis, in danger, but he could not win the match, that truth was seen again. It is that its shortcomings, limitations – there is very little talk about it. Experienced Riyad got a full-touch delivery from South Africa’s left-arm spinner Keshav Maharaj but failed to hit a six and took a catch one or two yards before the boundary.

Mahmudullah Riyad’s deficiency is not mentioned at all. Can take big hits, has the ability to play with open hands – taking into account that Zaker Ali Anik, who got a place in the World Cup team, could not open his hands properly, Rishad Hossain could not show anything when needed with the bat even though he got out with the ball – these truths have come out.

But due to the burden being placed on the umpire, there is less talk about them. By doing so, the team management, think tanks and the cricketers’ own deficiencies, deficiencies and limitations are being covered. go

The opening is not going well. The top order of Soumya, Liton and Shanta failed again and again. No runs in their bat. The team is in danger from the beginning of the innings. Batting is spine breaking. Most fans and supporters think that this is the problem in the batting department; But in the middle order with none other than Tawheed Hriday and Riyad, even the world’s best all-rounder Shakib can no longer hold the reins as he used to – these hard truths may have been unknown to many. But the hard truths came out on June 10 at the Nassau Stadium in New York, USA.

It was also seen that Tanjim Shakib could replace Saifuddin in the team. The young pacer also has the ability to take the wickets of willow bowlers like Durant, Durbar de Kock, Reeza Hendricks, or Tristan Stubbs as fast incutters.

In fact, it is reasonable to look at cricket from a cricketing point of view, not with emotion. Over and above emotions, personal preferences, explanation and analysis are very important in cricketing logic. It’s time to take positive lessons from hard truths in accordance with reality!

Only then will the door to move forward open. You will see the stairs going up. Otherwise, Bangladesh cricket will have to fall in this whale.