The finance minister is disappointed with the questions of the journalists

Finance Minister Abul Hasan Mahmud Ali said that he was ‘very sad and disappointed’ at the press conference organized on the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2024-25.

Stating that most of the questions asked at the press conference were very immature, he advised the journalists to be educated.

The press conference on the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 was organized at Osmani Smriti Auditorium in the capital on Friday (June 7).

Agriculture Minister Abdus Shahid, Education Minister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury, Planning Minister Abdus Salam, Local Government Minister Tajul Islam, Housing and Public Works Minister R. A. M. Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury, Industry Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun, Commerce State Minister Ahsanul Islam Titu, Finance State Minister Wasika Ayesha Khan, Prime Minister’s Finance Advisor. Mosiur Rahman, NBR Chairman Abu Hena. Finance Minister attended the press conference along with Rahmatul Munim, Finance Secretary Khairuzzaman Majumder, Bangladesh Bank Governor Abdur Rauf Talukder.

At one stage of the press conference, a journalist of a private television said while asking a question – the size of the economy is getting smaller. In reply to this, the finance minister said, I expected a bit more mature question….from television. I am very disappointed.

At this stage, when the journalist of the private television said something, the finance minister said, Hey father, I am answering you. Why are you blocking me, I did not block you! I let you say whatever you want. Now you have to listen to me.

‘You’ve oversimplified things too much. These are gross oversimplifications. This is how the economy works. Yes, we all fell short. We are all over. Where? Will read a little more. Don’t oversimplify like this. Bring a little maturity.’

Another television reporter asked, I did not see any strong message in the budget speech on establishing good governance and against corruption. What would you say today about those involved in corruption in the financial sector? Why are you not giving messages, is there any pressure on you? In response to this, the finance minister said, we are speaking openly. Before the word, before our audience, before our people. We did not do anything. Why are you just going back and forth with the same words? I did not understand it. What kind of question is it?

You have to learn how to ask questions. Very sad to say. Because it is not journalism. In a word, Khali turns back and oversimplifies. Is it like this? Society, the family runs like this? don’t go anywhere Look at them (with budget statement book in hand) and learn a little by watching. Then we will also be able to work,” said Abul Hasan Mahmud Ali.

Then a reporter of an English daily asked, Honorable Minister of Finance, you know that the private sector is the largest sector of our employment. In this budget, if someone from the private sector invests in the economic zone, the duty has been imposed on the capital machinery, raw materials and the goods that will be bought to develop the industry. Similarly if one invests outside the zone, gas-electricity connection will not be provided. Where will the businessmen go now? Businessmen say that if they fall into water, they will be eaten by crocodiles, and if they are in a riot, they will be eaten by tigers.

In this situation, the finance minister stopped the reporter and said that they are an organization of businessmen but they did not say such a thing. Please read the statement of FBCCI and Dhaka Chamber.

Another private television reporter asked a question and said – You are a self-righteous person, so why did you give the budget to increase the allocation of social security programs? Another thing is that you say – our reserves will stand at about 32 billion dollars at the end of this fiscal year, which is about 20 billion dollars now. How do you increase reserves? Have you given the central bank governor the responsibility to print dollars without printing money? In reply to this, the finance minister said, it is a completely non-serious question. ok This question is not answerable.

A reporter of a Bengali daily asked – various steps are taken by the government to reduce the price of products, but due to the lack of coordination at the field level, the desired effect does not occur. I will ask the question – whether the coordination between different organizations will be increased or not? In reply to this, the finance minister said, we are all trying to work together and the journalists are also helping us. What kind of question did it ask? Whether to coordinate or not. Will definitely do.

Another private television reporter asked the last question at the press conference. He questioned, in the proposed budget, the duty-free facility for importing MPs’ cars has been cancelled. But the law is still there. When will the law be amended? In response to this, the Finance Minister first said, “When, when will it be done, does anyone say?” You stand and question when you will do it, it doesn’t happen like this. The law should be amended. Yes, I told you to do it.

Then the finance minister said, one thing must be said that the last question was a good question. Serious question. But I found most of them to be very immature. If you haven’t read it, we have given you the book (holding the budget statement book in hand), read the book.

He said, I am very sad. Looking at your level of maturity. Very disappointed. Well, a couple of good questions. But I will thank everyone. You have shown a lot of interest, but the interest needs to be mature. You have to study a little. Please do it.