The five-storey house of the driver of the passport department was seized

Jessore’s popular luxury house ‘Rashida Mahal’ has been demolished by the administration. The five-storied house along with the land was confiscated on the orders of the court in a corruption case. The district administration signboard has been hung in front of the house.

On paper, the owner of the house is Feroza Begum, the mother-in-law of Mohsin Ali, a dismissed driver of the Immigration and Passport Department. The recruitment notice of receiver of croc property is hung in front of the house.

The owner of the house, Feroza Begum, is the wife of deceased Rafiq Ullah of Galda village of Manirampur upazila of Jessore. Her daughter’s husband is Mohsin Ali, son of Abdul Wahab of Khedapara village of the same upazila and a former driver of the passport department. Both of them are accused in the ACC case.

A few youths were seen standing in front of the main gate of the building in the Railgate area of ​​Raja Bardakant Road in the city on Saturday afternoon. When asked, they said that this building is rented from the ground floor to the third floor. There are crests, trophy factories here. They work there. The workers do not know the owner of the building. No one from the owner of the house comes. Another unit on the ground floor of the building houses a motor vehicle repair garage.

This garage owner said that there is no contact with the building owner. Sometimes their representatives come and collect the rent. A few days ago the people of the district administration came and hung the signboard. I hear, the court has seized the building in a corruption case.

Several shopkeepers and neighbors around the house said that the owner of the house is Mohsin Ali, the driver of the former director general of the Passport Directorate and his wife Rashida Begum, a dismissed office assistant (stenographer) of the Passport Directorate.

When asked about this, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Sujan Sarkar said, “Rashida Mahal” along with the land has been encroached on the order of the court in the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) case. According to the order of the court, the Deputy Commissioner has been given the responsibility as the receiver of that building. The Deputy Commissioner will submit the income-expenditure account of the said building to the court every six months. A committee has been formed by the district administration to maintain the building.

The five-storey house of the driver of the passport department was seized

According to the ACC sources, Mohsin Ali helped mother-in-law Feroza Begum to acquire non-income assets known as one crore 74 lakh 69 thousand 962 taka 85 paisa by transferring and converting the money earned through corruption and bribery.

After the investigation, on November 22, 2023, Khandkar Nilufa Jahan, Assistant Director of ACC Integrated District Office Dhaka-1 filed a case against Feroza Begum and Mohsin Ali.

Then on February 12 of this year, the Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge and Metropolitan Special Judge Court ordered the Deputy Commissioner to appoint a receiver for the building with 7.74 percent of land at 77 Chachra Mauza located on Raja Bardakant Road of Jessore Municipality, bought in the name of Feroza Begum, under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. On July 3, the Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) hung a signboard in front of the building on behalf of the Deputy Commissioner.

According to the notice, the transfer of Croce property in any manner or form, any transaction related to the property or the disposal of the property in any way is prohibited by law.

In 2008, Rashida Begum’s mother Feroza Begum bought 7.74 century land. Later, a five-storied luxury house was built there. Local people knew Mohsin Ali as the top official of the Secretariat. Later, when there was a corruption case, a lot of sensational information came out about them.

Milan Rahman/ZH/MS