The garment worker was killed by slitting his throat for not agreeing to the foreigner’s proposal

A female garment worker named Sumaiya Akhter (25) who did not agree to the proposal was allegedly strangled to death in Savar’s Ashulia. In this incident RAB arrested a young man named Shahidul Islam (32) Bidyut.

Shahidul was arrested from Ashulia around 5 pm on Tuesday (June 25). Earlier, the police recovered the body from Sohail’s rented house in Vadail area of ​​Ashulia.

Sumaiya Akhtar lived with her husband Masood Rana and two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Maryam Akhtar in Sohail Mia’s house. His village home is in Badarganj area of ​​Rangpur. And the accused Shahidul Islam is the son of Abul Hossain of Vijaypur village of Lalpur police station in Natore. He lived in the same house on rent.

RAB Assistant Superintendent of Police Sajjadur Rahman said that Shahidul Islam had been living on rent in a room next to Sumaiya’s house for a year. He got acquainted with him. Since then, Shahidul Islam was offering her love. On rejecting the offer, he entered Sumaiya’s room on Tuesday afternoon and stabbed her in the throat with a knife. It ensures death by slaughter if it becomes unconscious.

After receiving the news, RAB arrested Shahidul Islam Bidyut from Ashulia area. Later he gave a confessional statement. He said that this incident happened due to rejection in love.

Mahfuzur Rahman Nipu/RH/ASM