The governor filed a defamation case against Mamata

Governor CV Anand Bose filed a defamation case against West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. He filed this case in Calcutta High Court last Tuesday (July 2). The hearing of this case will be held on July 10.

The case came up in court last Wednesday. But due to a procedural error, Justice Krishna Rao of Calcutta High Court ordered to withdraw the application and submit the file again. The governor’s lawyer Dheeraj Trivedi drew the attention of Justice Krishna Rao on Thursday as the defamation case filed by the governor was not on the hearing list. In view of that, the judge announced the next day of hearing.

According to a Calcutta High Court source, the defamation case filed by the Governor has also implicated two would-be Trinamool MLAs Sayantika Banerjee, Rayat Hussain Sarkar and Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh.

Governor’s lawyer Dheeraj Trivedi told the court that several comments made by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee recently defamed Governor CV Anand Bose. He presented several newspaper reports and video footage to the court as evidence.

After that, the court asked the lawyer to know whether the media from which the applicant got this news were made parties in the case or not.

The lawyer said that what is being said against the governor is on YouTube, anyone can watch and listen to it. In view of the allegations being made against the Governor, three persons including the Governor’s OSD were summoned for questioning under Section 160 notice.

Then the judge said, withdraw the case and file again. Otherwise systematic errors will remain. After that, the governor’s lawyer applied again. However, he also included three other Trinamool leaders in this case.

It is to be noted that in the current Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal, in addition to the fight for 42 seats, there are by-elections for two seats in the Legislative Assembly. Trinamool Congress candidates won in these two seats. Reyat Hussain Sarkar won in Bhagbangola and Sayantika Bandopadhyay won in Barahnagar.

The two winning Trinamool candidates were lined up at the Raj Bhavan for swearing-in. But they didn’t go. Later on June 27, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made suggestive remarks against the Governor from a meeting at the West Bengal Government Secretariat Nabanna. He said, why will everyone go to Raj Bhavan? Complaints have come to me that girls are afraid to go because of the kirti-scam going on in the Raj Bhavan.

CV Anand Bose was in Delhi at the time of Mamata’s remarks. He responded from there. The governor said he did not expect such misleading and insulting comments from an administration chief.

On the same day, CV Anand Bose announced a defamation case against Mamata. He said, Mamata Banerjee has crossed all limits. Repeatedly lying in my name. He is playing my character. I will not accept it.

This is the first time in West Bengal that a governor has filed a defamation case against a sitting chief minister while in office.