The Human Rights Commission asked the City Corporation to take action

Fearing further deterioration of the dengue situation, the news published in various media has come to the attention of the National Human Rights Commission. In this regard, the National Human Rights Commission accepted the suo moto complaint on Tuesday (June 4).

In Suomoto, utmost importance is given to preventive measures to control dengue.

It is mentioned that every year there is a lot of fear among the residents of the capital about dengue fever. On the other hand, experts have expressed apprehension, if the necessary preventive measures are not taken, the Aedes mosquito-borne disease may take a dangerous form this year. The Commission feels that it is advisable to take effective measures to prevent dengue before the situation worsens. For this purpose, biological control of mosquitoes along with maintaining the cleanliness of the environment, regular application of mosquito killing insecticides and creating public awareness should be taken.

It is also said that the Chief Executive Officer of Dhaka North and South City Corporation has been asked to take necessary measures and send a report to the commission. A copy of the order has been forwarded to the Director General of the Department of Health for his information and necessary action. August 10 has been fixed as the date for the report.