The judgment of the High Court on the abolition of freedom fighter quota was upheld in the chamber

The Chamber Judge’s Court has upheld the High Court’s ruling that the circular issued by canceling the quota of freedom fighters in the first and second class in government jobs is illegal. As a result, the order to reinstate the freedom fighter quota has been upheld for the time being, the lawyers said.

However, the court fixed July 4 as the next date for the hearing in the regular and full bench of the Appellate Division.

On Sunday (June 9), Chamber Justice M. Inayetur Rahim gave this order.

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    The quota of 30 percent freedom fighters in government jobs is maintained

The High Court ruled on June 5 declaring the circular issued on October 4, 2018 ‘invalid’ to cancel the freedom fighter quota in the first and second class government jobs. As a result, the quota of 30 percent freedom fighters in government jobs will be maintained.

Later, the state filed an appeal seeking suspension of the High Court’s verdict. This application was submitted to the relevant branch of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court on Sunday (June 9) morning. The Chamber Court upheld the order of the High Court after hearing it.

The High Court had issued a ruling seeking to know why the circular issued on October 4, 2018 to cancel the quota of freedom fighters in government jobs should not be declared invalid. Cabinet Secretary, Secretary of Ministry of Freedom Fighters, Secretary of Ministry of Public Administration, Chairman of Public Service Commission (PSC) were asked to respond to this rule within seven days.

Regarding the hearing of the writ, on December 6, 2021, High Court Judge Md. Mojibur Rahman Mia and Justice Md. A bench consisting of Kamrul Hossain Molla issued the rule.

The circular was issued on October 4, 2018, canceling the women quota of 10 percent, the freedom fighter quota of 30 percent and the district quota of 10 percent.

Then the petitioners said that the 30 percent quota for freedom fighters has been canceled in ninth grade (formerly first class) and 10th to 13th grade (previously second class) and kept in 14th to 20th grade (third and fourth class). Which includes degrading the brave freedom fighters and their next generation.

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A circular was issued by the Ministry of Public Administration’s Rule-1 branch on October 4, 2018 canceling the quota of freedom fighters in direct recruitment from grade 9 and grade 10 to 13.

It was said there, in the case of direct recruitment to the posts of 9th grade (formerly 1st class) and 10th-13th grade (formerly 2nd class), the appointment should be made on the basis of merit list. The existing quota system for direct recruitment to those posts has been abolished.

Challenging the circular, the children and descendants of the freedom fighters filed a writ in the High Court, including President of the Central Command Council Ahidul Islam Tushar.

After hearing the writ, the court issued a ruling asking why the quota cancellation circular should not be declared invalid.

56 percent quota for first and second class posts was canceled in the Cabinet meeting on October 3, 2018, amid the students’ movement to abolish quota in government jobs. However, the government maintained the quota system in the third and fourth classes.