The Nassau stadium in New York is being demolished before the end of the World Cup

The Nassau County International Cricket Stadium ended with the India-USA match. This was the last match of this stadium in this year’s T20 World Cup. The work of this stadium started in the month of February this year. The stadium was fully prepared before the start of the World Cup

The stadium will now be completely demolished as there are no more matches at this venue. For this they will take only six weeks. This broken operation started from Wednesday afternoon.

The Nassau Stadium was the talk of the town throughout the tournament. The slow pitch of the field, the slow outfield, other infrastructures are not liked by the teams that come to play cricket.

ICC said in their official statement about this ground, ‘If they can maintain this ground then the pitches will stay here. Otherwise they will be taken to Florida.’

A drop-in pitch was brought from South Australia for the Nassau Cricket Stadium on the occasion of the World Cup. Many were looking at the possibility of hosting Major League Cricket here but the MLC authorities did not agree to it.

In New York, Mumbai Indians owns the team Mumbai Indians New York. In the future they have plans to build a new stadium here.