The owners get ‘unlimited’ free electricity despite the price increase for the people

On the one hand, the people are suffering due to high electricity bills. On the other hand, electricity bills of nearly two lakh officials of the Electricity Development Board, including the President-Prime Minister, are ‘zero’. In other words, the top executives are enjoying the benefits of electricity for free. And for that every year the government of Pakistan has to pay hundreds of crores of rupees. On Sunday (July 7), Pakistani media ARY News reported this information.

According to reports, skyrocketing electricity bills in Pakistan have made life miserable for common people. They are struggling to meet the huge bills. However, the country’s President-Prime Minister is being given free ‘unlimited’ electricity.

The President gets two thousand units of electricity every month for free even after retirement. Even if he dies, his wife will get two thousand units of electricity free every month.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan also got the benefit of free unlimited electricity. The Chief Justice of the country gets two thousand units of free electricity per month during his tenure and after his retirement. The Governor of the Central Bank of Pakistan also gets free unlimited electricity.

Government of Pakistan pays 22 thousand rupees per month to Union Ministers for electricity bills. However, MPs have to pay the electricity bills from their own pockets.

Besides, about 1 lakh 99 thousand workers of the country’s Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) get free electricity facilities. And for this, the government of Pakistan has to pay hundreds of crores of rupees every year, ARY News has mentioned.

Suffering of the poor

Hefty electricity bills in Pakistan have put additional pressure on the poor. Unable to bear it, many have even attempted suicide. Recently, a rickshaw driver named Ghulam Muhammad tried to commit suicide after seeing the electricity bill of more than 19,000 rupees.

The government of Pakistan has increased the price of electricity by almost 67 percent in the last one year. Recently, the country’s cabinet has agreed to further increase the price of electricity.

But before the elections, both the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (TML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) promised free power units.

The new proposal calls for a minimum price of 48.84 paise per unit of electricity for domestic consumers. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority may take a final decision in this regard on July 8.

It is being said that the government of Pakistan is increasing the price of electricity to meet the conditions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).