The possibility of black money being white contradicts the A-League’s election manifesto

The Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD) believes that the opportunity to whiten black money without question is in conflict with the election manifesto of the current Awami League government.

The organization says that zero tolerance against corruption was one of the pledges of Awami League’s election manifesto in the last election. However, giving an opportunity to whiten black money without question is inconsistent with this commitment. At the same time, it is morally and economically unacceptable. By this honest taxpayers are being scolded.

Mostafizur Rahman, honorary fellow of CPD, said these things at the post-budget press conference organized at Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital on Friday (June 7) morning. Fahmida Khatun, executive president of CPD, presented the keynote at the press conference. CPD research director Khandaker Golam Moazzem and many others were present.

Mostafizur Rahman said, ‘Zero tolerance against tax defaulters and loan defaulters was mentioned in the government’s manifesto. The budget given is definitely contradictory. It is completely opposite to the philosophy of Awami League. Tax defaulters, loan defaulters, the vicious cycle of money launderers that has been created in Bangladesh, this vicious cycle will be brought to the economy by giving some benefits every year? Will I go on this road, or Jihad against the Awami League’s manifesto corruption – I will go on that road.’

“We hope they will do what they have said in the manifesto,” he said. It is a very big political decision. They have to take this decision.’

Research Director of CPD Khandkar Golam Moazzem said, ‘This budget did not seem like a new budget of the new government. It seems like an old budget of the new government. The new Finance Minister, the Minister of State for Finance and the Finance Department officials did not show the kind of munsiana that we expected to see in the formulation of the new budget. Non-food inflation will be a headache for the common man in this budget.’

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Highlighting various aspects of the budget in the main article, Fahmida Khatun said, ‘Where the maximum rate of tax has been increased to 30 percent, there is an opportunity to turn black money into white by paying 15 percent tax. What kind of social justice is that, that is a question. Such opportunities are grossly unfair to honest taxpayers. It is not ethically, economically acceptable. Taxes are not collected from here. As a result of this opportunity, those who are evading taxes are more encouraged. Those who pay taxes regularly have been scolded.’

He said, ‘On the one hand, high inflation is going on, at the same time there is a reserve crisis. In this situation, it is important to bring back economic stability. But no special initiative is seen in the budget to solve these crises. The problems that exist in the economy, first of all, we have to accept them and understand their depth. Then move on to the solution. But no such announcement was seen in the proposed budget.’

Fahmida Khatun believes that it will not be possible to achieve the targets of NBR’s revenue income, inflation and GDP growth announced in the budget.

He said, ‘A normal budget has been made in extraordinary times during crisis. It is like any other budget. It is not possible to deal with the crisis with this budget.