The road was destroyed by the water of Yamuna, 15 thousand people suffered

The Govindasi-Valkutia-Chituliapara link road has been broken at Bhuyapur in Tangail due to the Yamuna river. As a result, about 15 thousand people of three-four villages have suffered. On Saturday (July 6) morning, the road collapsed due to the strong flow of water.

Meanwhile, due to the collapse of the road, water is entering several other areas including Hupapara, Govindasi, Sthalkashi, Ruhuli, Koera. As a result, the roads in the lower areas of these areas have sunk. In the meantime, vegetable and crop fields have been submerged in water in Koera area.

Apart from this, due to the water pressure in the flood, about 30 meters of the road has broken in Valkutia area. This has stopped the movement of people. Konabari High School is next to it. Students also have to suffer to participate in the ongoing semi-annual examinations.

Besides, there are 3 electricity transformers next to the broken part. As a result, there is a danger of them breaking and falling into the water at any moment.

Momin of Valkutia village said that the road was broken due to excess water pressure. It is difficult for boys and girls to go to school. On the other hand, water in the house, all in all, there is no end to the suffering.

Local UP member Abdul Quader said that the people of Chitulia neighborhood and Valkutia area are suffering due to the collapse of the road due to the flow of flood water. This is the road to some of our areas. The matter has been informed to the higher authorities so that people can move through the road.

Bhuyapur upazila executive officer Mamunur Rashid said that he came to know about the collapse of the road of Gobindasi Valkutia village. People in some areas are suffering due to erosion. On-site inspection will be done to speed up transportation through bamboo ropes.

Arif Ur Rahman Togar/ZH/JIM