The roof of the Ram temple is covered with rain water

Within six months of its inauguration, holes were found in the roof of the Ram Mandir. From there, the rain water enters the temple. This information was confirmed by the head priest of the temple, Acharya Satyendra Das.

It is known that water is entering the sanctum sanctorum of Ram Mandir through holes. Where Ramlala is staying.

The head priest said that the idol of Ramlala is sitting in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The roof of the temple is leaking water in the first rain. He claims that the issue needs to be looked at seriously. Need to know what the problem is. It is very important. Because there is no place for the water to come out of the temple.

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Expressing fear, he said that if proper measures are not taken now, there will be no place to pray in the temple if the rain increases.

Nirpen Mishra, head of the Ram Mandir Construction Board, also admitted that the water was leaking through the roof. He said, I am in Ayodhya. I saw water falling from the roof. However, the work of making the peak is going on. Once that is done, this problem will not exist.

However, within 6 months of construction, the opposition has started to raise questions about this poor condition.

On January 22, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the life of Ram Lala from the sanctum sanctorum of this Ram Mandir. He also inaugurated the temple after completing all the rituals.

Source: The Economic Times