The run rate increased in the big win, now what Pakistan has to do

Pakistan’s back is against the wall. Their dream of going to the Super Eight now stands on many ‘if-buts’. First of all, we need a big win in the last two matches.

Pakistan achieved a goal with a big win against Canada. Babar Azam’s team defeated Canada today in New York with 7 wickets and 15 balls in hand.

Pakistan’s run rate has also increased by winning by a large margin. With a net run rate of 0.191, they have moved up from fourth to third in Group A. Canada dropped to fourth.

Now Pakistan have to get a big win in their last match against Ireland in the group stage. Then the net run rate will increase further.

But increasing the net run rate is not enough. Pakistan’s fate rests largely in Ireland’s hands. If the Irish lose their next match against the USA, no more runrate calculations will be useful. Because then USA will have 6 points, Super Eight will be confirmed.

And if the U.S. loses to the Irish, runrate will count. If Pakistan can pick up 4 points and keep their run rate ahead, there is a chance.

As Canada’s next match is against India, their chances of victory are slim. If they win by accident, they will get 4 points, but Canada is far behind in net run rate.

On the other hand, the remaining two matches of USA are against Ireland and India. The United States must lose both these matches to keep Pakistan’s hopes of going to the Super Eight alive.

In the meantime, India, who are far ahead in run rate, are at the top of the group with 4 points. Their last two matches are against USA and Canada. So India’s Super Eight can be said for sure.