The sale of palm oil has increased in unbearable heat

There has been a boom in the sale of palm oil at street corners in Jessore’s Sharsha and Benapole markets. Buyers said that the watery part in the palm shell fulfills the water requirement of the body in intense heat.

Talshans were seen being sold in different areas of Sharsha and Benapole. Many are selling talshans in vans. Many people are selling umbrellas on the side of the road in the hot sun. As the temperature of the sun increases during the day, the demand for palm oil increases. Every day from morning till night the sale is going on. In the unbearable heat of summer, young palm trees bring relief to restless pedestrians even for a moment. Many people are taking this juicy fruit home.

Talshans seller md. Aziz said, ‘We buy each tree for one to one and a half thousand taka in the season contract. But if the fruit is more, one tree has to be bought for two to three thousand taka. If the yield of palm is good, the profit is 4 to 5 thousand taka per plant. I have started selling talshans from now, it will continue until the shells are hard.’

The sale of palm oil has increased in unbearable heat

He said, ‘currently the demand for shells is high. Copies of palm leaves are being sold for five taka. But if someone takes many at once, they get a little discount. The price of one tala (three koa) is being charged up to Tk 10-12.’

Abdur Rauf, who came to buy palm oil, said, ‘First palm oil of the year is bought. But after a few days even better quality talshans will be available. It is my very favorite fruit.’

The sale of palm oil has increased in unbearable heat

Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Mahfuza Khatun said, ‘Delicious palm is a fruit rich in vitamins and nutrients. The water content in the palm shell removes dehydration from the body. The fruit contains vitamin C and B complex, which are particularly beneficial for the body. Vitamin A, which helps sharpen eyesight.’

Regarding the benefits of talshans, he also said that the large amount of antioxidants in it increases the immune system of the body. Sometimes acidity causes nausea and food taste. Young palm seeds help to relieve this nausea. Also removes aversion to food. Liver problems are eliminated. If someone is suffering from anemia or anemia, there is no substitute for young talshans. Palm oil also plays a role in making the skin beautiful, bright and radiant.

Jamal Hussain/SR/MS