The student’s eyes were destroyed by whipping, the teacher was not punished

A class IV student’s right eye was severely damaged after being whipped by a teacher in Feni. However, even after 26 days of this incident, no action was taken against the accused teacher. The student’s family expressed their anger.

The incident took place on May 17 at Wajeria Government Primary School in Daganbhuanya Upazila of Feni. The school’s assistant teacher Tapas Majumder has been accused of caning the student.

The victim’s name is Mahedul Islam. He is the son of Rayazul Haque, a resident of a doctor’s house in Jagatpur area.

According to local and family sources, Tapas Majumdar, son of Kamini Majumdar of Ramanandpur village of the upazila, whipped the student. Later on the screams of the student, the school teachers, staff and local people came forward and rescued him in a bloody state and took him to the Daganbhuana Upazila Health Complex. The doctor on duty there referred him to Feni. At one point, Mahedul Hasan was taken to Pahartali Eye Hospital in Chittagong. After receiving treatment for a few days, he was sent to the National Institute of Ophthalmology in the capital.

Rayazul Haque, the father of the injured Mahedul Hasan, said, ‘My son’s right eye has been severely damaged due to teacher Tapas Majumder’s whipping. I am busy with treatment. I want that teacher punished.’

Accused teacher Tapas Majumdar was called several times to ask for his statement but he did not receive.

Local UP member Mubarak Hossain said that the boy’s right eye is about to be destroyed. An application has been made for a passport to take him to India. If you get a passport, you will be taken to India for treatment.

The head teacher of the school, Saleh Uddin, said that the fourth class student Mahedul Islam, who was injured by whipping, is undergoing treatment.

Jasim Uddin, president of the school management committee, said, “We will discuss the matter after the treatment.”

Upazila education officer Iskander Nuri said, I do not know about this. Action will be taken if complaints are received.

Daganbhunya Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Nivedita Chakma said that the matter is not known. He will find out.

In this regard, Feni District Education Officer Nasir Uddin Ahmed said that there is no rule to flog a student. He will look into the matter.

Abdullah Al-Ma’mun/SR/MS