The Third Repue: A Tale of Crime

Fiction writer Saeed Azad’s book ‘Thirdiya Ripu’ was published in this year’s book fair. The cover is eye-catching after handling. In addition, there is something in the name. I think to myself, to uncover this mystery, the book must be read. In the book, the author has unraveled various mysteries in a smooth weave. He presented complex issues in simple language. In any crime essay, the writer must know about crime. The solution has to be done in the legal process. The author has shown such an effort.

We know that the character of every person in the world is basically a combination of six. People commit crimes in pursuit of some reward. No matter what kind of crime it is. Perhaps the person himself does not know when Shadripur will become strong in a person. Maybe you know? But don’t try to understand. Or some people cold-heartedly guide Ripu to the destination.

As a result, ‘Third Ripu’ is the story of a planned crime behind an apparently innocent incident. ‘Third Ripu’ is a narrative of the unfolding of the dark side of human character. It has many mystery solutions. That’s why the book got readership soon after its publication. To my knowledge, the author’s first thriller novel ‘Thirdiya Ripu’. As the first thriller, it seems that he has been able to fully embark on this journey. In the thick of events, he managed to break the web of mystery.

Syed Azad has highlighted the traditional atmosphere of Dhaka city in the first part of his novel. The environment has been drawn with skillful hands. He has dragged the story by living the religious atmosphere. The police recovered the bullet-riddled bodies of a mother and daughter from a flat in the city. At first it seems like a suicide but later the mystery starts to come out one by one. Even the twist at the end of the novel will be liked by all readers. This is where the success of the thriller lies.

We can notice a religious atmosphere at the very beginning of the story. The beginning of the novel is like this, ‘A tall woman entered the street at the beginning of the Maghrib call to prayer in the mosque at the mouth of the street. His head is covered with a black veil. Socks on hands, socks on feet. Cover your face. They are also black. Black eye glasses too. At a glance, it is clear that the woman is quite reserved.’ (Page-7) In this description of his, a mystery begins to form at the beginning. That mystery helps lead to the conclusion.

Storytelling also has a magical effect. The power to draw the reader in is present in every sentence. When he writes, ‘The white two-storied house stands tall with tradition and solemnity in the gap of green trees. Even though it is two-storey, it is said that it is a landlord’s house! Each floor of the thick and high-pitched house is equal to the present two floors. All in all, the house seems to be as high as the current five-story house. That’s why it can be seen from far away.’ (Page-13-14) Through this he also represented the family nobility. Behind this nobility, a kind of dirty mentality has also been born.

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It should be said that Saeed Azad’s language is simple and simple. He has eloquent storytelling skills. This must be frankly admitted. Not only is the variety and craftsmanship of the language, but there is also a thick story in his writing. He knows how to take the reader very easily with the magic of words. In this novel, he did not fail. He created his characters in a timely manner. Nushrat, Zareen, Lippi, Hasan Saheb, Ilyas, Ali Hossain, Delwar Hossain, Tahmina Hossain Titli, Saifuddin, Turya, Mayuri, Inspector Amjad, Shakila, Cynthia, Nirmal, Asad, Mahfuz and Biblab of the novel have been able to clarify the proper utility of their characters.

The novel deals with religion, history, tradition, partition, Asalata Neer to Rehena Manzil and contemporary crisis. He has tried to encourage the mitigation of criminal tendencies rather than inciting them. All administrative terms have been fully presented in unraveling the mystery of murder. He managed to surprise the reader in the first thriller. The four-way conflict of Nushrat, Titli, Subarna and Saifuddin is revealed one by one. Turya’s conversation comes up, ‘Nushrat is really ordinary compared to you. But she could not be a mother. She gave birth to Saifuddin Sahib. which you could not pay.’ (P-143) As a result, this family tension is transformed into a national issue.

There is a scent of mystery in every character of the novel. Attempts are made to find the connection between one murder and another. Family feuds that can lead to heinous acts like murder—are hinted at. The web of mystery is spread around in such a way that it will be difficult to understand the story without reading the whole book. Every character in it feels important. Although the presence of some characters is momentary, it prevails throughout the novel. The heart of the reader is scarred.

All the essentials of a mystery novel are present in Syed Azad’s novel. Even the novel ends with another murder. The end of the novel is two and a half years later. In a small village in Switzerland. The blood stains on the grass may not be erased forever, even if the blood sheds through Saif’s death and the unmasking of Mahfuz. Will take the reader in search of new mysteries. At the end, it is said, ‘Mahfuz, wiping the blood from his forehead on the back of his left hand, went down the wooden stairs and wondered where to bury the body.’ (p-214)

This shows that the mystery of this novel does not end. In this way, one mystery after another will appear in front. It is safe to say that author Saeed Azad will pursue more mysteries in the future. At the same time he will solve it. Hope ‘Third Repu’ will be able to satisfy the thirst of the reader. So I wish the book to be widely read and promoted.

Book Name: Third Rep
Author: Saeed Azad
Publication: fable
Price: 440 Tk
Release Date: Book fair 2024.