The Vice Chairman cried not being able to stand by the flood affected people

The water in Jamuna river has started receding in Jamalpur. However, thousands of people in Dewanganj Upazila are still stuck in water. Upazila Vice Chairman Munni Akhter of the third gender cried on Facebook not being able to stand by these helpless people trapped in water.

Munni Akhtar uploaded such a video from his Facebook ID on Saturday (July 6) night.

In the video, Munni Akhtar said, ‘Assalamu Alaikum my beloved Dewanganj upazila. You are thinking why I am not going in front of you. I do not have the power to stand before you. Flood water in everyone’s house but I couldn’t do anything. How can I go in front of you, I have no face to go in front of you. I am not getting any response from anyone. I have not received anything from the Upazila Parishad, how can I give it to you!’

Weeping, he said, ‘Poor and helpless people from different places are asking me for help, but I can’t do anything for them. Many are starving, many are crying for relief. But I can’t do anything for them.’

On May 21, Dewanganj Upazila Parishad election, Munni Akhter, a third gender, won the post of female vice chairman after defeating five candidates. He won by getting 23 thousand 768 votes in sewing machine symbol.

Due to the heavy rains of the last few days, the water of Yamuna is flowing 90 cm above the boundary line. It includes Sadar Union of Islampur Upazila, Chinaduli, Patarshi, Sapdhari, Belgacha, Kulkandi, Noarpara, Palbanda, Sadar Union of Dewanganj Upazila, Chikajani, Chukaibari, Bahadurabad, Char Amkhawa, Dangdhara, Parrampur, Hativhanga, Ghosherpara of Melandah Upazila, Mahmudpur, Charpakerdah of Madarganj Upazila. 34 Unions including Jorkhali Union, Bakshiganj and Sarishabari Upazila’s lower area unions have been inundated by flood water. About 100,000 people are trapped in water.

Md. Nasim Uddin/FA/MS