The victory of the left-wing coalition defeating the hard-right

In France, the hard-right failed to win a majority in the second round after leading in the first round of voting.
National Rally (RN). Official results show that the left-wing coalition New Popular Front (NPE) has won the second round of voting and is set to win the most seats in parliament. BBC news.

In the election, President Macron’s centrist Ensemble coalition is in second place and the RN party has now slipped to third place. In Sunday’s vote, the left-wing coalition parties fought unitedly to prevent the hard-right National Assembly.

The victory of the right wing in the first round of voting caused alarm among liberals and moderates. There have been talks between the left-wing coalition and Macron’s coalition to prevent the RN from winning a second term. These two alliances withdrew more than two hundred candidates. This tactic of the Left and the Center worked in the end to ensure that only one gets the votes counted against the RN.

However, as no party gets the majority, complications will begin with the formation of the government. Because the country has not seen the previous experience of three parties working together. President Macron has not yet commented on the second round of elections.

The country’s first round of elections was held on June 30. The hard-right has never won the first round of French parliamentary elections before. This is the first time since World War II that a right-wing party has won the first round of voting. They were very optimistic about the formation of the government. But the second round of elections turned everything upside down.

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Macron called the election a month earlier. The early election has sparked anger among Macron’s allies. Parliament elections were not due before 2027. But in the European Parliament elections, Macron called for early elections to maintain his authority, being alarmed by the progress of the right-wing.

As per the data available so far, out of 577 seats, the Left has won 177 seats. In addition, Macron’s moderate Ensemble coalition got 148 seats and Marine Le Pen’s National Rally got 142 seats. France needs 289 seats to form a government. That is why now the left alliance has to take support of others to form the government.