The video of the principal being taken out of the room is viral

The principal was sitting in his room in the school. Suddenly some school teachers entered his room. He started threatening by entering the room. Then he was asked to leave the chair and get up. But when the principal protested, the teachers became almost violent.

An attempt was also made to take away the principal’s phone. At this time he tried to interrupt. A scuffle ensued between the two sides. Finally, the principal was dragged from the chair by his hand and pushed away.

Not only that, the newly appointed principal was seated on the principal’s chair and congratulated with applause. Allegedly, this incident happened in front of the top officials of the school.

Reportedly, this is the case of an English medium school. The principal’s name is Parul Solomon. An employee of the school named Basant Jaswant was arrested in connection with the leak of the review officer (RO) and assistant review officer (ARO) examination papers of Uttar Pradesh PSC in India. Principal Parul’s involvement in the incident came to light after he was arrested. Colleagues became furious after allegations were made against the principal. Then the principal came under the fire of the school authorities.

The school’s top official, Maurice Edgar Dan, said that the ARO and ARO tests were conducted on February 11. Crores of crores of Rs. An employee of the school has been arrested in this incident. Only then did the principal’s name come out. It was decided to remove the principal for his involvement in the scam.

School authorities claim that Principal Parul did not leave the room to appoint Shirley Massey as the new principal. Colleagues broke in without opening the door. Then Principal Parul was dragged out of the school by her chair.

Principal Parul accused the school authorities of molestation in this incident. Although Edgar Dan claims, the entire incident was videotaped. Principal Parul’s allegations are completely false.

Source: NDTV