The water is rising, the coastal residents of Khulna are in fear around the full moon

After the long-lasting cyclone Rimal, the embankments of Khulna’s coastal Koira, Paikgacha, Dakop and Batiaghata upazilas have become extremely vulnerable. Damaged dams in Rimal were repaired immediately, but new areas are facing the threat of erosion during the current monsoon season.

Residents of the coastal upazilas are spending sleepless nights as the embankments have weakened due to heavy rains in the last 3-4 days. Residents are worried about the dam, fearing that the tidal water pressure will increase further during the upcoming full moon. They have become more and more worried about Aman’s seeds. They fear that the embankments, weakened by heavy rains, will not be able to withstand the pressure of the high tides.

According to the calculations of the Water Development Board, 70 to 80 km of dams in the four coastal upazilas of Khulna are now at risk.

coastal embankment;

Residents say that water is already flowing 2/1 feet above normal in the rivers. Due to the full moon, this water pressure will increase further.

It has been found that the water pressure has increased in Shibsa, Pasur, Bhadra, Shakbaria of Koira, Kapotaksha river, Kholpetua river, Shibsa of Paikgacha and Sholmari and Kazibacha rivers of Batiaghata upazila in the coastal upazila of Khulna. Water has reached the dam in many areas.

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According to sources, among the four coastal upazilas of Khulna, Koira upazila is in the most vulnerable position. Cyclone Sidor in 2007, Cyclone Aila in 2009 and Mahasen in 2013 followed by Cyclone Fani, Amphan, Yas, Mokha, Bulbul and lastly Rimal hit Khulna region including coastal upazila Koira, Paikgacha, Dakop and Batiaghata. In these storms and floods, the dams of the upazilas are swept away like sand dams. Thousands of bighas of crop land, fences and ponds were submerged. Almost all the raw houses on the coast were destroyed.

Alimul Islam, Zohra Begum, Pritam Sana, residents of north Bedkashi area of ​​Koira upazila affected by erosion, said that every time after storms and floods, the people of coastal upazila Koira try to stand up again. But because the dams are not properly and permanently repaired, the night sleep becomes haram when the water level of Sakbaria, Kapotaksha and other rivers rises a little.

Ashraful Islam, a resident of the same area, said that after Rimal, the dams were repaired, but in many places, they are facing erosion again. Heavy rains in the last few days have weakened the dams. A slight increase in tidal water pressure can break the dam.

Koira Uttar Bedkashi UP Chairman Sardar Nurul Islam said that tidal water is currently rising in the rivers. Dams in many areas are likely to break this monsoon. When the dam breaks, the local people repair the dam on a voluntary basis. But the demand to the Water Development Board if the dam can be repaired permanently will benefit the people of this area.

He said that the 6 km dam is very dangerous in different areas of Koira. Which is very important to repair.

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Solaiman Hossain, Deputy Assistant Engineer (Amadi Subdivision) of the Water Development Board said, the dams will be repaired very soon. For this, the Water Development Board has taken necessary steps.

After Koira, Dakop, another upazila on the coast, is more prone to erosion. There are big rivers like Shibsa, Pasur, Chunkuri and Bhadra in this upazila. The dams of these rivers made of alluvium are also in a very dangerous condition.

Upazila Tildanga Union Chairman Jalal Ghazi said that the most erosion is seen in polder number 33 of Dakop Upazila. Erosion occurred at 8 places including Botbunya, Kamibibasia in Rimal, which is still not fully repaired. Now the tidal water of the rivers has started to rise. The embankments are much weaker during the monsoons. 30 km embankment is in danger. So repairing the dams is very important.

Dakop upazila’s newly elected upazila chairman Abul Hossain said that every year there is erosion in polder number 33 of Dakop. Permanent measures are needed to prevent this erosion.

Nani Gopal, local assistant engineer of the Water Development Board, said that the necessary allocation will be given from Paubo to repair the dam. The dams will be repaired soon.

Dams in various areas of Paikgacha and Batiaghata upazilas like Koira and Dakop upazilas have also become vulnerable. If the water pressure increases a little, there is a possibility of breaking the dams at 8 to 10 places in Batiaghata and Paikgacha, according to Paubo sources.

However, the dams will be repaired on time, said Ashraful Alam, executive engineer of the Water Development Board.

He said that sandbags have been kept ready at various places for immediate repair if the embankment breaks in any area. The Water Development Board has taken necessary steps to permanently repair the dams of these upazilas.