The water recedes and the wound marks are floating

In the last two days, the flood control dams of Muhuri-Kahua and Ceylonia rivers have broken in eight places. As a result, various towns have been flooded. Along with that, houses were destroyed and trees were uprooted. Even though the water has started to recede, the scars of these areas are still visible. Even if the water recedes from the homesteads, roads with crop fields are under water.

Meanwhile, new areas have been flooded by breaking the dam in Ceylonia river. At least 2000 families of two upazilas are trapped in water due to flood.

On Thursday (July 4), the District Water Development Board said that although the water of the Muhuri river flows below the flood limit, new areas are being flooded due to water entering through the breached embankment. However, in areas where the flood water is receding, scars are emerging.

The water recedes and the wound marks are floating

According to the Agriculture Department, Aman’s seedbeds, vegetables and pond fish have been affected by the flood. 16 and a half hectares of Aman seedbeds have been submerged in water. 7 and a half hectares of vegetable fields have been submerged.

The fisheries department said that 70 fish in two upazilas have been washed away.

Rashed Shahriar, executive engineer of Feni Water Development Board, said that sandbags are being dumped as some places of the embankment are dangerous. If there is no rain, there is no chance of breaking the dam again. Besides, when the water recedes, the erosion repair work will start.

Fulgazi upazila executive officer Tanya Bhuiyan said that 1,400 people in 18 villages are stuck in water. Even if the water comes down from the house, there is water on the agricultural land and roads. The water is moving downstream, causing new areas to flood.

The water recedes and the wound marks are floating

Feni District Commissioner Shahina Akhtar said that 25 tons of rice and 1000 packets of food are being distributed by the district administration for the water-affected people.

Earlier on Monday night, 28 villages of Parashuram and Phulghazi were flooded after eight banks of the Muhuri and Kahua rivers in Feni burst.

Abdullah al-Mamun/ZH/JIM