The young man got exposed with the status on Facebook

A young man named Hridoy Sheikh (22) committed suicide by posting a depressing post on Facebook in Kalukhali, Rajbari.

The incident took place in Arpara village of Kalukhali’s Ratandia Union on Sunday (June 2) around 2.30 am. The deceased Hriday Sheikh is the son of Rafiq Sheikh of Ratandiya Arpara in Kalukhali.

Before his death, the young man wrote in the post, ‘Actually, there are some memories in people’s lives that kill them no matter how many times they remember. Such a beautiful life is human, and life is full of sorrow. May the people of this Tribhuvan be well. Truthfully, people never forget anything. He must remember that. The people of this world are very selfish. It has to be given up by giving up all illusions. There is no one behind leaving. I left this world by my own will. Good luck everyone.’

Ratandia Union Parishad Chairman Mehdi Hasina Parveen Nilufa said that the young man committed suicide by hanging himself with a fan in the house without the knowledge of the family on Sunday night. However, he did not know why he committed suicide. Hriday married 2 but also learned that they got divorced.

Rubelur Rahman/FA/GKS