There is a storm of criticism across the net for not reaching the semis

There is a storm of criticism across the net for not reaching the semis

Bangladesh could not accept the opportunity to reach the semi-finals of the T20 Cricket World Cup. 116 runs to be scored in 12.1 overs. The beginning was brutal. But the batsmen could not play big shots in the middle overs. Couldn’t get a quick run. As a result, the Tigers did not win in 12.1 overs or 13 overs.

On the other hand, Afghanistan made history. Rashid Khan’s team reached the semi-finals of the World Cup for the first time. Afghans achieved this feat by defeating Bangladesh by 8 runs. The Tigers could not even score the changed target of 114 runs. All out is 105 runs.

Through this, the dream and equation of the T20 Cricket World Cup ended for the Bangladesh team. The fans of Bangladesh, who had high hopes, were disappointed. At the same time, he is also angry. This continuous degradation of Bangladesh cricket team is ruining the image of the country. So there is a storm of criticism on social media.

Children’s writer and journalist Rabiul Kamal wrote, ‘Bangladesh did not lose alone, it lost to the mighty Australia with bamboo.’

A person named AKM Saifullah Sheehan wrote in a post, ‘Liton Soumya and Shanta are expelled from the team and Mahmudullah and Shakib are forced to retire!’

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Sports journalist Shahadat Ahmed Sahad wrote, ‘All the faults are actually Tawhid’s heart. The World Cup would have ended on the day of Eid if he had not hit three sixes against Sri Lanka. It was not necessary to think so much.’

Songwriter Mehdi Hasan Limon wrote, ‘In the next fifty years, such an opportunity will not come again! Congratulations Afghanistan. Their dedication, they deserve to be world champions this time.’

Writer and producer Mustafa Manon wrote, ‘Like Messi, Shakib deserves a World Cup. But we believe very few viewers.’

Mushfiqur Rahman, a cricket fan, wrote, ‘There will be wins and losses in the game. But despite having such a big golden opportunity, the attitude shown by the boys of Bangladesh, the body language shown, is hateful, shameful.’