There is no crowd in the shopping mall, Eid shopping has not accumulated yet

Eid-ul-Azha is just one week later. Everyone will share joy with each other in this one of the most important religious festival of Muslims. Everyone needs new clothes for any festival. However, even though Eid is approaching, the shopping malls and markets of the capital, Badda, are not yet crowded. Traders are expecting that the number of buyers and sales will increase two to three days before Eid.

On Saturday (June 8) afternoon, Subastu Nazar Valley, Holland Center and surrounding markets and showrooms of various brands in Badda area of ​​the capital can be seen.

Subastu Nazar Valley has women’s clothing stores on the ground floor and cosmetics on the second floor. On Saturday, some customers were seen in the cosmetics shop, but there were no customers in the clothes shop. There was not much crowd in the shoe shops of this shopping mall.

There is no crowd in the shopping mall, Eid shopping has not accumulated yet

It is said that the shoe shop. with Sami He told Jago News, ‘Sales during Qorbani Eid are usually less compared to Roza Eid. Even so, the three days before Eid sell somewhat better.

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As for the reason for the low sales, Sami said, ‘No new products come during Eid al-Adha. Meanwhile, the import of foreign clothes and other products also decreased. Besides, after buying new clothes during Ramadan Eid, there is not much demand during Eid al-Adha. As a result, sales are also reduced.

More weddings are organized during Eid al-Adha than any other time of the year. As a result, the demand for gold jewelry increases at this time. But till now the sale of jewelery has not increased in that way.

Sohan, the seller of ML Jewellers, said that currently the price of gold is very high. The demand for gold jewelry has decreased in high-priced police stations. As a result, it is not being sold that way.

There is no crowd in the shopping mall, Eid shopping has not accumulated yet

Saif came to Subastu Nazar Valley for shopping. Saif, an official of a private company, came to buy clothes for his three-year-old daughter. When asked what he bought for other family members, he said, ‘I bought for everyone on Eid. Now it is not possible to budget for everyone. As the cost of the family has increased, it is difficult to buy daily necessities. The bonus that I got on Eid will be spent in sacrifice and commuting home.’

Ahmed, an employee of a shop called Gents in Holland Center said, ‘There is not much sales in this market. It once sold very well, but not so much now. Moreover, the Eid of Qurbani is not sold like the Eid of fasting.’