There is no doctor in the emergency department, the dissatisfaction of the health minister

Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Samant Lal Sen visited various public and private hospitals in Chittagong. At that time, he expressed dissatisfaction with the overall quality of healthcare in private hospitals.

Even after the inspection, he told the authorities that necessary measures will be taken for this poor condition of health care in the hospital.

A notification sent by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has informed that such conditions were seen during the inspection of a private medical center hospital in Chittagong on Friday (July 5) evening.

During the visit to the hospital, he expressed his anger that the doctor on duty did not show his apron. He even said that he will take necessary measures after seeing the poor condition of the hospital including doctors not wearing aprons.

The health minister said that none of the two doctors I spoke to during the visit had any aprons on them. No license was drawn in the hospital during the inspection. Besides, there is no information including the picture of the information officer of the hospital. There was no soccer machine in the emergency department either.

Additional Director General of the Department of Health Professor Dr. during the visit. Abul Bashar Mohammad Khurshid Alam, director of health department (hospital). Abu Hossain Md. Moinul Ahsan, civil surgeon of Chittagong district. Mohammad Ilyas Chowdhury was present.