There is no end to the suffering even if the water in the river decreases, there is a lack of dry food

Flood water has started receding in Gaibandha. However, about 70 thousand people in 27 unions of four upazilas are still under water. Teaching has not started in 80 educational institutions. There is a shortage of dry food and clean water among the people living in grasslands and shelters.

On Sunday (July 7), it was seen that there is no end to the suffering of people in Gaibandha Sadar Upazila, Saghata and Phulchari Upazila. Houses built in char areas on the banks of Brahmaputra, Yamuna and Teesta rivers are submerged under water. Livestock suffering has increased. Due to flood, communication system has broken down in many areas.


Ajmal Hossain, a resident of Sanyasir Char of Erendabari Union of Phulchari Upazila, said, “Even though the water has receded, our suffering has not decreased. In other floods, the water recedes in a short period of time, but this time the water is taking a long time to recede.’

Iqbal Autnik, a resident of Tinthup Char, said, ‘There is no way to eat cooked rice. Dry food is also gone. If the water does not recede quickly, we will have to go without food. The biggest problem is with the toilet.’

Gaibandha District Commissioner Nahid Rasul said dry food and cash have been distributed among the flood victims. It will continue. We have all kinds of preparations.

AH Shamim/SR