There is no justification for the anti-quota movement except for education

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has claimed that there is no justification for the anti-quota movement of children excluding education. He said this at a discussion meeting on the occasion of the founding anniversary of Bangladesh Jubo Mahila League at Ganobhaban on Sunday (July 7).

The prime minister said the quota was stopped. But the judgment of the High Court was upheld. Children are protesting against the High Court’s verdict by dropping their studies. The High Court’s verdict is to protest against it like this, it is subjudice, because we cannot talk like this from the government. If the High Court gives judgment there (the solution also) has to come again from the High Court. But what is being done today in the name of movement is wasting the time of studies. I don’t think it makes any sense.

He said, we do not always follow the judgment of the High Court. But we saw that now the anti-quota movement is trying to build again. The children are now protesting against the quota by abandoning their studies. Girls are also protesting there. Here is my question, how many of those who did the anti-quota movement earlier, took the public service commission exam, and how many passed.

Sheikh Hasina said that the quota was canceled once. But what is the result? If the Public Service Commission’s account is seen, then it will be seen that the number of opportunities that girls used to get due to quota, but in these few years, they have not got any more. This is the reality, even in many districts, remote areas, the people of those areas have remained deprived. They are also not getting jobs. Because of such deprivation someone files a case, the High Court gives a verdict.

Stating that the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had taken various steps in the empowerment and progress of women, he said, Jubo Mahila League has always played a role in the movement and struggle. The organization has worked for the rights of the people of the country.

Advising Mahila League workers to join the pension scheme, the Prime Minister said, ‘Pension scheme has been made for all. Dependency pension for life. We want everyone to live a little better.’

Commenting on the manner in which BNP was in power, it was not worthy of condemnation, he said that the party had only survived for one and a half months by stealing votes. BNP came to power in 2001 by guaranteeing the sale of gas. They were ousted 2 times due to vote theft. The picture of BNP’s torture should be presented to the people. They are a cursed burden on society. They should be vigilant so that their torture does not return again.’

Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Jubo Mahila League website on the occasion. Jubo Mahila League president Aleya Sarwar Daisy presided over the event along with general secretary Sharmin Sultana Lilly and central and metropolitan leaders and activists participated in the event.