There is water in the school field due to light rain

It looks like a big pond. But this is a field. Thakurgaon Government Boys High School Grounds. If it rains a little, the water freezes. In this, students and parents suffer in coming and going to school.

On the surface, it can be seen that the rain water is dripping in the field. Students make paper boats and float in that water. But they are not able to play any kind of sports in the field. Meanwhile, parents and students demanded to arrange water drainage.

Chayanmaratan and Salman Mujahid, students of that school, said that due to lack of water drainage system, the field sinks when it rains. As a result we suffer from sports and movement. Clothes get stained.

Two parents named Zainal and Mustafa said that if it rains a little, the school ground becomes like a pond. It is not new today. I’ve seen it before. If water accumulates like this, it is a problem for children. Therefore, I demand a quick solution to this problem.

Thakurgaon, there is water in the school ground due to light rain

Jewel Alam, assistant headmaster of the school, said that work is underway to drain the water. It’s not just the students’ problem, it’s all of us. Hope the problem will be solved in a day or two.

Thakurgaon Government Boys High School was established in 1904. Many geniuses have studied in the school.

Tanveer Hasan Tanu/ZH/JIM