‘There’s nothing crueler than losing a tiebreaker’

Both teams were equal in 90 minutes. No one could move forward in extra half an hour. Then the Switzerland-England match was a tiebreaker. But in the 75th minute of the match, Brel Mbolo’s goal led Switzerland.

But later Bukayo Saka redeemed that goal and brought England equal. Then when the match went to a tiebreaker, he still scored. The rest of his four teammates also put the ball in the net. On the other hand, the first shot taken by Manuel Akanji was blocked by English goalkeeper Jordan Pickord. England went to the semi-finals with a 5-3 win.

Switzerland’s star Jordan Shaqiri expressed his disappointment after losing in the quarter-finals. He said, ‘There is nothing crueler than going home after losing a tiebreaker. We fought and gave our all. We should have tried and made this fairy tale longer.’

‘You see how strong the interest was and how big the matter was. Not only in Switzerland but also in Germany. I am proud of the team. I am proud of the way they played in this Euro. We have made many people in Switzerland happy and proud.’

Shaqiri’s tone is echoed by teammate Dan Ndoye. He said, ‘It is difficult to accept this loss. I think we deserved to be in the semi-finals. We were very united. We had the skills to go further. Of course, a tiebreaker loss hurts. Football is sometimes cruel. But that’s the way it is, you have to accept it.’