This budget is the budget to fulfill the dreams of the youth: Saddam

Chhatra League central president Saddam Hossain called the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 a budget to ‘fulfill the dreams of the youth’.

He said this at a short rally after the Anand procession welcoming the budget at the foot of anti-terrorist Raju sculpture of Dhaka University at 5 pm on Thursday (June 6).

Saddam Hossain said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given a budget of Tk 797,000 crore this time. The budget given by the Sheikh Hasina government is the budget to fulfill the dreams of the youth.

He also said that the budget given by the Sheikh Hasina government is useful for eliminating unemployment. The budget that has been presented is suitable to meet the global economic challenges. Currently, various statesmen are struggling to control the economy of the world. We think that this budget is suitable for the improvement of the people’s living standards after coming out of poverty all over the world.

The Chhatra League president also said that one of the 11 priority issues confirmed by the Awami League government in its election manifesto is to control commodity prices. This budget of Sheikh Hasina has created a plan and outline to control the price of goods in all indicators of the economy. This budget of the Sheikh Hasina government is a budget to reduce the tax burden on the poor and hardworking people.

Chhatra League Central General Secretary Sheikh Wali Asif Inan, Dhaka University Chhatra League President Mazharul Kabir Shayan, General Secretary Tanveer Hasan Saikat and Chhatra League workers from various halls, colleges and educational institutions were present on the occasion.