This time Captic Grameen Bank Growth Fund is on the opposite path

Out of the four trading days in a week, the country’s stock market was up on three working days. As a result there has been a big rise in all the price indices. Shares and units of 329 companies have registered price increases in the main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). On the contrary, the price has decreased by 40. In this, the main value of DSE, DSEX, increased by 142 points.

Even in such a bullish market, some companies have gone the opposite way. Instead of increasing the prices, the share and unit prices of these companies fell throughout the week. Captic Grameen Bank Growth Fund has led the price drop list. But before this, the price of the fund increased steadily for more than a month.

Prices fell throughout the week as a section of investors were not interested in buying units of the fund. As a result, this company has occupied the top place of price reduction in Dhaka Stock Exchange. Over the course of the week, the unit price of the fund collectively fell by over Rs 28 crore.

The fund’s price fell by 10.34 percent over the past week. In terms of rupees, the price of each unit has decreased by 1 taka 80 paisa. In this, the unit price of the fund increased by 28 crore 2 lakh 24 thousand taka in a week. At the end of the last working day of the week, the price of each unit stood at 15 60 paise, which was 17 40 paise at the end of the last working day of the previous week.

The fund’s price rises sharply before this price declines. On May 2, each unit of the fund was priced at 9 taka 10 paisa. From there, on June 27, the price per unit increased to 17 taka 40 paisa. Despite this unusual price increase, no notice was given from the Dhaka Stock Exchange asking for the reason.

This mutual fund, which started trading in the stock market on October 17 last year, has not yet declared any dividend for investors. However, the fund lost 29 paise per unit from October 2023 to March 31 this year.

The paid up capital of this mutual fund is Tk 155 crore 68 lakh. And the number of units is 15 crore 56 lakh 80 thousand. Of this, 64.23 percent are held by entrepreneurs and managers. Among the remaining units, general investors hold 15.92 percent and institutional investors hold 19.85 percent.

After Captic Grameen Bank Growth Fund, Rupal Life Insurance was on the list of decliners last week. The share price of this company decreased by 7.51 percent throughout the week. Atlas Bangladesh is next with a 7.32 percent price reduction.

Besides, in the list of top 10 companies that fell in price last week – Pragti Life Insurance 6.28 percent, Alhaj Textile 5.52 percent, Bangladesh Industrial Finance 5.26 percent, Linde Bangladesh 4.35 percent, MBL First Mutual Fund 4.08 percent , Trust Islami Life Insurance rose by 3.81 percent and Jute Spinners by 3.73 percent.