This time, even the naval and coast guard forces did not find the body parts

A three-member team from the Indian Navy and Coast Guard has arrived in Kolkata to search for the body parts of Jhenaidah-4 Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Anwarul Azim Anar, who was murdered at his Sanjiba Gardens residence in Newtown, Kolkata. They arrived in Kolkata from Andhra Pradesh capital Visakhapatnam on Monday (June 3).

This team was accompanied by advanced technology components. The CID, the special team of three members besides members of the Disaster Response Force conducted a search operation once again on Monday at the specific places of Krishnamati and Jirangachhar Bajkhola canal where the accused Butcher Jihad was shown in this sensational murder case.

Metal detectors were run in the Bagjola canal in a motorized boat to search for the trolley in which MP Anar’s body was taken. Apart from this, an attempt is made to find the MP’s body parts with various sophisticated parts. However, nothing was found from today’s search operation.

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On May 12, MP Annar went to India from Kaliganj in Jhenaidah through Darshanar Gede border in Chuadanga for treatment. Went to the house of a friend named Gopal Biswas on Mandalpara Lane of Barahnagar police station in West Bengal. The next day he left the house saying to see the doctor. Since then, Anwarul Azim has been mysteriously missing.

Anar’s death came to light last Wednesday, May 22 after being missing for about 10 days. Kolkata Police’s initial idea is that on May 13, MP Anar was murdered in the elite residence of Sanjeeva Gardens.

The CID of West Bengal Police has taken over the investigation of this murder. On the night of May 23, they arrested an accused named Jihad Howladar from Bangaon in West Bengal. The young man lived illegally in Delhi and worked as a butcher there.

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After questioning the butcher Jihad Howladar, who was arrested in the murder case, it is known that the pieces of the MP’s body were dumped in Bajkhola Canal of Krishnamati and Jirangachha in Bhanard area of ​​Kolkata. According to the information provided by Jihad, CID conducted a massive search operation in Bajkhola canal and adjacent areas for several days to find MP Anar’s body. But nothing has been found from this place yet.