This time the first wife of Motiur denied ‘buying journalists’

Finally, Raipura Upazila Chairman of Narsingdi Laila Kaniz Lucky, the first wife of Matiur Rahman, the controversial National Board of Revenue official, spoke to the local journalists.

He claimed, “I came to Raipura by buying the journalists of Narsingdi and Raipura, including the big journalists of Dhaka, everything will stop.” The information that has gone viral through various media including social media is not correct.

Lucky said this while calling the local journalists of Raipura in the upazila parishad’s office on Thursday (July 4) evening. At this time, a video of 1 minute and 18 seconds of his speech has spread on Facebook. It is said that some leaders and activists supported by Lucky were also present there.

In her video speech, Laila Kaniz Lucky said, ‘On June 27, I came to the office and after completing all the work of my office, I left the office straight from the council in my own car without exchanging a word with anyone. But that day someone gave a wrong information to the journalist brothers, that I came here after managing all the big journalists of Dhaka. This is actually completely false. I didn’t say that. So you will present the true information from those who gave such wrong information to the media workers and journalists. You are the mirror of society. I hope you will reveal the truth. I repeat to everyone I did not say this. It was a complete lie.’

Meanwhile, several leaders who do not want to reveal their names say that upazila chairman Laila Kaniz Lucky is saying these things to save his existence along with his political career.

They say that Lucky has built parks and houses in Narsingdi by occupying graveyards and common people’s places. The victims have already spoken to the media. Raipura Upazila Parishad election is ahead. There again he staged this play to save his immovable and immovable property along with taking the post of Raipura Upazila Chairman. Because he has made bad comments about journalists and lawyers before. Later he expressed regret again.

Revenue Officer Motiur’s first wife Narsingdi Raipura Upazila Chairman Laila Kaniz Lucky has purchased houses and flats in elite areas of the capital including Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi and Uttara, several houses and cars and hundreds of bighas of land in the name of sons and daughters abroad. He built a resort called ‘Apan Bhuban’ on 100 bigha land in Gazipur.

The election affidavit of teacher-turned-politician Laila Kaniz Laki revealed that the annual income from houses-apartments-shops and other rents is 9 lakhs 90 thousand, 18 lakhs from agriculture sector, 3 lakhs 82 thousand 500 from dividends of shares-savings certificates-bank deposits, upazila 1 lakh 63 thousand 875 for chairman’s honorarium, 1 lakh 18 thousand 939 from bank interest. He has deposits of Tk 3 crore 55 lakh in various banks and financial institutions. Its agricultural land is 154 percent, its non-agricultural land includes five kathas in Raju, 8 and a half kathas in Savar, 5 kathas in Gazipur, 6.60 percent and 2.90 percent in Pubail of Gazipur, 5 percent and 34.55 percent in Khilgaon of Gazipur, 27 percent in Bahadurpur of Gazipur, 6.60 percent in Meghdubi of Gazipur, 17 percent in Dhopapara of Gazipur, 35 percent, 35 percent and 33 percent in Raipura, 133 percent in Morjal of Raipura, 5 percent, 8.75 percent, 26.25 percent and 45 percent, 27 percent and 16.18 percent in Shibpur. percentage, 44 and a half percent in Joshar in Shivpur, 1 acre in Singra in Natore 66 percent.

Sanjit Saha/FA/ASM