This win will open many doors: US captain

The United States won an incredible victory. They faced Pakistan for the first time in the World Cup, and the incident happened after winning this match. The match was tied in scheduled overs. USA later won the super over.

ICC has long been desperate to spread cricket in the country. That is why the United States was hosted along with the West Indies in this year’s World Cup. After Canada, now they have lost Pakistan too. USA captain Monank Patel feels that this win will open many doors for them.

He said, ‘I am very happy to win the match. For the first time we won the World Cup head to head against Pakistan, it was an incredible performance from our team. That’s why I want to say, this is a big day for the cricket community of the United States and the country.

“Definitely beating Pakistan in the World Cup will open many doors for us. Hosting the World Cup in the US and being able to perform as a team will definitely help spread cricket in the US.’

The World Cup is now a distant dream calling the United States. After Canada they also won against Pakistan. A win against India or Ireland will be enough for them to progress to the Super Eight. However, Monank does not want to think about these things now.

He said, ‘We know what we are working on and how much we can afford. We are only focusing on specific games. We don’t want to let our emotions go too high or too low. We will make sure that we can enjoy today’s victory and come back tomorrow fresh.’

“We want to focus on one match at a time. Now all our focus will be on the game against India. Don’t even want to think about Ireland now. The Super Eight is still a long way off.’