Those who are corrupt are those close to Sheikh Hasina: Rizvi

Criticizing the government, BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said that those who are corrupt are Sheikh Hasina’s close people. This is very true today.

Pointing to the corrupt and money launderers, he said that they are doing various misdeeds, corruption and money laundering with the connivance of Sheikh Hasina. On the orders of Sheikh Hasina, the leaders and activists of the protesting party are disappearing, killing and persecuting. Now you are trying to make a Jamaat camp by publishing news about your misdeeds.

On Tuesday (June 25), BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia was wished for the well-being of BNP and she said these things at a prayer meeting organized by BNP in Shyampur and Kadmatoli police stations in the south of Dhaka city. This prayer ceremony was held at the residence of former BNP MP Salah Uddin Ahmed at noon.

Addressing the police force, Rizvi said, there are good people in the police force, they also do a lot of good work. So why are you desperate to save some corrupt people? You cannot be Sheikh Hasina’s army, because you are the employees of the republic. You are paid with people’s tax money.

‘The statement you made to save some corrupt people is against the constitution. Those who made this statement should be prosecuted. If there was rule of law in the country, they would have been tried’ – said Rizvi.

He also said that Sheikh Hasina is responsible for the three-time former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia who is seriously ill today. International human rights organizations, various countries and organizations and even the United Nations have expressed concern about Khaleda Zia’s health, but Sheikh Hasina has sentenced her to prison due to personal outrage.

The spokesperson of BNP said that Khaleda Zia was deprived of medical care due to Sheikh Hasina’s revenge. The government wants to eliminate him bit by bit. Because, if Khaleda Zia is free, Sheikh Hasina’s peacock throne will no longer exist.

Former MP Salah Uddin Ahmed, Jasas member secretary Zakir Hossain Rokon, Jubo Dal leader Mehebub Masum Shanto, Chhatra Dal leader Tauhidur Rahman Awal, BNP leader Zakir Hossain and other local leaders and activists were also present. Later special prayers were offered for Khaleda Zia’s recovery.