Told them, I’m not ready to go home: Martinez

How many times is the hero Emiliano Martinez? He has always come forward in Argentina’s danger. Pulled the team from the edge of the ditch. World champion, previously won the Copa America; Still, Martinez’s hunger to win did not diminish.

Martinez has once again become the hero of the Albiceleste in the quarter-finals of this year’s Copa America. Argentina’s match with Ecuador was a 1-1 draw. Then Lionel Messi missed the first shot in the penalty. But Martinez became the hero by stopping two shots in a row, winning the team.

After the match, he said, ‘I told them, I am not ready to return home. Even though we won the world championship and the Copa America, this team deserves more. It’s been 35 days we’ve all been together, and it’s emotional.’

Martinez has faced the tiebreaker for the fourth time for Argentina. Martinez won the country every time. What is the secret of repeatedly preventing penalties? Martinez told about the practice behind it.

He said, ‘I work for it, train 500 shots a day. Always keep myself in good condition and try to give the best to the team. This country deserves something, even those who pay money to visit us. I’m proud, I want to improve as a goalkeeper and as a person.’