Toni Kroos also departed with Germany

Said goodbye to international football earlier. A few days ago, the club also said goodbye to football. However, the Euros are being held at home. There are also chances of winning trophies. That is why he retired and returned to the national team.

Toni Kroos has already announced that he is returning only for the Euros. In other words, the euro is over. Kruse continued. Michael Merino’s goal in the 119th minute on Friday night beat Germany and Spain entered the semi-finals. The host Germany has left.

With the departure of the German, the departure of the midfielder Toni Kroos also happened. All forms of football – international and domestic – are now a thing of the past.

To be honest, my main feeling is that the tournament is over now, Toni Kroos said after the loss to Spain. Because, our main goal was to achieve something good together, that was not possible. All of us have shattered that goal or dream.’

‘But we should all feel proud. Because I have improved more than before. I am very happy to play for Germany. As a football nation, I have been able to make the country dream again.’

I am sure this team can bring great success in the future. However, this time we are sorry. Because, we had set a target to survive in this tournament for a few more days.

English referee Anthony Taylor showed a total of 16 yellow cards in Germany-Spain match. There was a red card with it. Spain’s Dani Carvajal is shown a red card. As a result, he will not be able to play in the semi-finals.

Toni Kroos is also shown a yellow card. He survived one more card. He fouled Pedri at the beginning of the match. The referee ordered a foul but did not issue a card.

“I wouldn’t say it was a very brutal match,” Kroos said. However, it was a match where we gave it our all. We didn’t want to lose. However, we came very close to winning the match.’